Foujita Chapel

Reims, France

The chapel of Our Lady Queen of Peace, or Foujita Chapel, was constructed in 1965-1966 at Reims, France. The chapel was conceived and designed by the artist Tsuguharu Foujita, and is famous for the frescos he painted in the interiors. The chapel was consecrated in 1966, and in 1992 was listed as an historic monument of France.

Foujita was a Japanese born painter who came to Paris in 1913, and is a known member of the School of Paris. After experiencing mystical enlightenment at the Abbey of Saint-Remi Basilica in Reims in 1959 he converted to Catholicism and was baptised.

Foujita's godfather René Lalou, then the chairman of Mumm champagne, decided with Foujita to build a Romanesque chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Foujita drew up the plans for the chapel and the interior and exterior decoration, including stained glass windows, reliefs, ironwork, sculptures, and the frescos.

In 1965, work began under the architect Maurice Clauzier and was finished in 1966. The stained glass windows were crafted by the glazer Charles Marq, the wrought iron work and sculptures by Maxime Chiquet and the Andre brothers.

Over a period of three months in early June and August 1966, Foujita, by then 80, painted the chapel walls with religious iconography in the form of large frescos in blues, greens, browns and yellows. Although the frescos are of Christian themes, one can also find depictions of Foujita and his wife Kimiko, in addition to his friend Lalou and Lalou's wife.



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Founded: 1965
Category: Religious sites in France

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Samuel Danthine (4 months ago)
Beautiful chapel planned and painted by artist Foujita
Daniel Gent (6 months ago)
€5 to enter a tiny church is extortionate. With two employees sat there doing nothing It includes a visit to another church that is out the way with no opening times on the internet
Victor Kang (Jedi Victor K) (14 months ago)
Although it is truly beautiful, one should check the time of opening before visiting?
Ari sa (4 years ago)
Mr Fujita, known as a École de Paris’s painter was baptised at Cathédrale Notre Dame de Reims. His artworks are unique, sophisticated and somewhat lovely. Quite interesting to see since its atmosphere is kind of religious and french-Japanese mixed, plus full of hope.
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