St. Bartholomew Church

Rakovník, Czech Republic

The eastern part of the 400 metre-long Husovo Square in Rakovník is dominated by the high Gothic Church of St. Bartholomew, a 14th-century structure. The church was built on the site of an older church dedicated to St. Nicholas. Adjacent to the church stands a bell tower dating from 1495. It is considered as the most precious gothic bell tower in the Czech Republic and one of the most precious in Europe. The bell has a diameter of 1.6 metres.


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Founded: 14th century
Category: Religious sites in Czech Republic


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User Reviews

Vaclav Cerny (7 months ago)
When the weather is nice, the historical monuments are even more beautiful than normal, so that I can go to different religious buildings even though I am a non-believer
Vít Baloušek (8 months ago)
A place where I like to return with my daughter... A place where my mother Jana used to go and still goes, she sang in the church choir here. The place where my uncle, Professor Jaroslav Čech, the historian of the memorable city of Rakovník, used to go. The place where my grandmother, the pious lady Františka Čechová, went to pray. The place where even my great-grandmother, Baroness Františka Guthová, from the famous family of organists Guths from Čistá, went to mass. The stream of time, the passing eye of a moment. Saint Bartholomew. In the interior of the church, there is also a late Gothic stone pulpit with rich ornamental and figurative decoration from 1504 attributed to Matěj Rejsko. Her cast is in the lapidary of the National Museum. It stands on an octagonal column with a decorative base and a capital decorated with plant ornament, which supports the octahedron of the pulpit itself. It depicts the attributes of the four evangelists – angel (Matthew), lion (Mark), bull (Luke) and eagle (John). These are separated from each other by thin columns that carry arcades with Gothic tracery that cover these attributes. The top of the pulpit is finished with a cornice, on which the coat of arms of the city of Rakovník is captured in the middle. Stone steps with a gate lead to the pulpit.
Tomáš Polák (2 years ago)
A very nice Gothic church in the eastern part of Husova náměstí in Rakovník.
Petr Izaj (2 years ago)
A beautiful Gothic church on the second longest square in the Czech Republic.
George O´Harek (JOh) (4 years ago)
Probably the most important historical building in the city from the 12th to the 20th century completed and restored. Only an expert recognizes or knows what the origin is. Gothic and Neo-Gothic. An impressive look today.
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