Rheda Castle

Rheda, Germany

Rheda Castle was first mentioned in 1170. It was built by Widukind von Rheda, who passed it on to the Lippe nobility. In 1365, the castle was inherited by Count Otto von Tecklenburg. From the beginning of the 17th century, the castle was developed into a princely residence by the House of Bentheim-Tecklenburg.

The wing buildings are magnificent elements of the Weser Renaissance and the Westphalian Baroque. The wing buildings are connected by the medieval defence towers. The castle chapel is outstanding, representing a unique interpenetration of fortified, residential and sacred space. In its conception and sophistication, the castle chapel is an important testimony to late Romanesque architecture. Unique in Europe is the sequence of wallpapers in the castle's 'wallpaper room'. The ornate Biedermeier wallpapers produced by Zuber & Cie in Rixheim can still be admired in their original places. Various historic carriages are on display in the castle's carriage museum. From Landauers to children's carriages, carefully maintained examples can be admired here.

Take some time to discover the castle's garden. It was reconstructed for the State Garden Show according to plans from the 19th century. The garden is beautifully framed by the Ems, the castle meadows and the Flora Westfalica park.



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Steinweg 16, Rheda, Germany
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Founded: 18th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Thirty Years War & Rise of Prussia (Germany)

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User Reviews

Mihail Eduardo Beldea (11 months ago)
Very nice to have a walk or tour with the bike. Beautiful, relaxing and interesting place to visit in the city. Watch out the mosquitoes. Recommend to anyone who is near the city.
Stephen de Man (2 years ago)
An actual castle with a moat! This place is right out of the movies - it feels like you are traveling back in time. The grounds are beautiful and well maintained. We were there during the middle of the day and it was empty. The castle itself isn’t open which is too bad but the surrounding area is worth a stroll.
Iulian Carlan - Clipa (2 years ago)
A beautiful place. Must be visited ?
Ruud Flohr (4 years ago)
Great watercastle where the owners still live in it. After a stroll in the garden you can if you want to take a walk through the "EmsAue" towards Wiedenbrück and enjoy the view.
Colleen (5 years ago)
This moated castle is somewhat quiet presence. With a beautiful garden, bridges, trees. Good place to go for a walk or just sit along one of the many paths to think and take in all it’s beauty. I returned to this Schloss this October 2019 during my stay in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. The beautiful setting was even more captivating as I remember from the year before. I parked my car to take a long stroll along the many paths to capture fotos to bring home with me. Met people along the way. I cannot wait to return next year.
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