Barciany Castle

Barciany, Poland

The first wooden castle in Barciany was built by Teutonic Knights in 1325. The construction of the stone castle to the site began in 1377. It was completed in the 15th century. In 1945 the castle was acquired by State Agricultural Farm and today it is privately owned. Barciany castle is a well-preserved sample of medieval architecture of Teutonic Order.



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591, Barciany, Poland
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Founded: 1377
Category: Castles and fortifications in Poland


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User Reviews

Magda Polska (11 months ago)
A beautiful castle in an interesting location. Its size is impressive. We visited it during the cultural event "The Battle of the Watchtower". It was a very interesting event with various shows, an archery tournament, knights' fights, etc. The most interesting was the staging of the battle for the watchtower in Barciany. Overall an interesting historical place worth seeing.
Bartłomiej (11 months ago)
Everything is fine, the caretaker of the object can always reveal some secrets. Private area, but you can get around the castle ✌?.
PL (11 months ago)
The castle is closed to visitors. From the outside it looks not too bad, maybe someday it will be made available to tourists. Both, because it's a pity that it was destroyed.
waldi0055 (12 months ago)
One of the best preserved medieval castles in Masuria. And, at the same time completely inaccessible and mysterious. At the same time, once again put up for sale. Again in worse condition than when purchased. How do we know it. Visually from the outside, it still makes a huge impression today. It is a testimony to the power of builders.
Jarosław Uziębło (3 years ago)
Miejsce bardzo dziwne. Obiekt przepiękny i ociekający historią, ale toczy się tam remont na niby, a w rzeczywistości nic się nie dzieje. Takie coś zabite dechami - kuriozalny i na szczęście unikatowy widok.
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