St. John's Church

Vilnius, Lithuania

One of the most picturesque parts of the Vilnius University is the St. John's Church and its bell tower. The construction of the Gothic style church lasted for almost 40 years and was completed in 1426. In 1571 the church was transferred to the Order of Jesuits and became a part of the university complexes.

Besides masses, the Church of Sts. Johns has also witnessed student protests, theatre performances, and welcoming ceremonies for kings. In Soviet times, it was turned into a warehouse. Later, the University Museum was established there. Today St. John's is again a Roman Catholic church. It was visited by Pope John Paul II in 1993.

The bell tower of the church, which is 68 meters high, is among the highest buildings in the Old Town. The present facade was designed in the 18th century by the most prominent Vilnius Baroque architect, Jonas Kristupas Glaubicas (Johan Christoph Glaubitz).



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Founded: 1386-1426
Category: Religious sites in Lithuania


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User Reviews

Cirrus Sanofi (8 months ago)
The layout of the Church of St. Johns still reflects its original Gothic structure. It is a 28x69 m hall church with three naves and seven asymmetrical chapels. The tower, consisting of 5 gradually decreasing portions, is the tallest building of Vilnius Old Town (69 m). The central focus of the church interior is a composition of 10 presbytery altars
JOvi Ein (13 months ago)
Very nice church inside Vilnius university. Free to visit during daytime. Special place for granting an university diploma and accepting important quests
Dani Moti (14 months ago)
Inside the University and free of charge, it has several baroque chapels and altars, it is worth a short visit while you visit the complex. Entrance is free for individuals or couplrs, groups have to pay a fee.
V L (18 months ago)
The inside is nice and the lighting is good, but the seats are very uncomfortable for watching performances, like a small concert.
Jiboo piu (2 years ago)
This Church is inside the university of Vilnius. At first, I didn't find it but once you dig into the building you start finding things :D. BEAUTIFUL
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