St. John's Church

Vilnius, Lithuania

One of the most picturesque parts of the Vilnius University is the St. John's Church and its bell tower. The construction of the Gothic style church lasted for almost 40 years and was completed in 1426. In 1571 the church was transferred to the Order of Jesuits and became a part of the university complexes.

Besides masses, the Church of Sts. Johns has also witnessed student protests, theatre performances, and welcoming ceremonies for kings. In Soviet times, it was turned into a warehouse. Later, the University Museum was established there. Today St. John's is again a Roman Catholic church. It was visited by Pope John Paul II in 1993.

The bell tower of the church, which is 68 meters high, is among the highest buildings in the Old Town. The present facade was designed in the 18th century by the most prominent Vilnius Baroque architect, Jonas Kristupas Glaubicas (Johan Christoph Glaubitz).



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Founded: 1386-1426
Category: Religious sites in Lithuania


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User Reviews

V L (9 months ago)
The inside is nice and the lighting is good, but the seats are very uncomfortable for watching performances, like a small concert.
Jiboo piu (10 months ago)
This Church is inside the university of Vilnius. At first, I didn't find it but once you dig into the building you start finding things :D. BEAUTIFUL
Joseph Tabone (12 months ago)
St.Johns Church is a must see when in Vilnius. The beautiful altaer is amazing and also the other alters on the side. Also just out of the Church there is a bell tower that is also worth seeing.
leonard stone (13 months ago)
Situated in part of the the university complex. Exquisite decor.
Sin Fong Chan (2 years ago)
Church of St. Johns at Vilnius University Visited on 1/10/2019 The church is a part of Vilnius University complex since 1579. It took nearly 40 years to build, and completed in 1426, and is dedicated to both St John the Baptist and St John the Evangelist. The bell tower of the church is one of the tallest buildings in the Vilnius Old Town at 68 metres. The interior of St. Johns church is richly ornamented. Some of the most beautiful things here are the rococo styled main altar, the golden St. Victor’s altar. The organ of the Church of St. Johns was the most famous one in Lithuania. Besides being a place of worship, diplomas are awarded here, and various concerts and festivals are held. At the end of the academic year, the church hosts the biggest celebration of Vilnius University students.
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