Museum Ship Pommern & Åland Maritime Museum

Maarianhamina, Finland

The Pommern, formerly the Mneme (1903–1908), is a four-masted barque that was built in 1903 in Glasgow at J. Reid & Co shipyard. It was one of the Flying P-Liners, the famous sailing ships of the German shipping company F. Laeisz. Later she was acquired Gustaf Erikson of the Finnish Åland archipelago, who used the ship to carry grain from the Spencer Gulf area in Australia to harbours in England or Ireland until the start of World War II. After World War Two, she was donated to the town of Mariehamn as a museum ship.

Today Pommern is part of the Åland Maritime Museum representing the history of ship and seafaring in Åland. The Maritime Museum is considered as one of the world’s finest museums related to merchant sailing ships.


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Founded: 1903-1908 (museum ship Pommern
Category: Museums in Finland
Historical period: Russian Grand Duchy (Finland)


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User Reviews

Doug Caldwell (2 years ago)
Åland Maritime Museum is a monument to history of Aland as the holder the world's largest fleet of wooden sailing ships. Be sure to visit the four-masted barque named Pommern, built in Glasgow in 1903, which is anchored behind the museum. The interior of the museum is built like a ship's prow cutting into the land. Our cruise ship was docked right next door so very easy to walk over after we had the included cruise tour in morning. Give your self a couple of hours to visit the museum inside and ship outside. When on the ship as price of admission you are provided an audio phone setup to listen to a guided tour of ship. The speakers describe life aboard ship during a fishing cruise.
Nata (2 years ago)
Pros: -Ticket is good for ship Pommern museum and for the Aland maritime museum where you buy ticket. -Audio guide in many languages for ship museum -Audio guide tells you a story, not boaring facts. My husband thoug felt like it is disadvantage of the audio. He was left with unanswered question. -Nicely maintained and set rooms on the boat, easy to access -Entertaining for kids as well. Few touch screens keep kids interacting, dancing game for adults/kids, you can try on costume on the boat. In ground museum there is few themed kids rooms with a cool stuff -Good looking photos can be made on the boat and in ground museum -Very interesting for all ages expositions in ground museum Cons: -None. We really enjoyed it. I recommend this museum as Must see on Aland island ??
Yang (2 years ago)
Interesting maritime museum to learn history and understand the thing they do
Joe Davies (2 years ago)
Brilliant museum which helps you understand Åland's place in the world of the 19th century. Great opportunity to spend time on a beautiful old but very large sailing ship. Great fun and an absolutely brilliant restaurant. One of only two authentic skull and crossbones flags is on display - from North Africa , early 19th century.
Pepito Thomasso (2 years ago)
One of the best maritime museums in the world. From the exhibitions inside to the magnificent sailing ship Pommern outside...and yes you can go onboard.
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