Yelizarov Convent

Pskov, Russia

Yelizarov or Yeleazarov Convent is a small convent founded as a monastery in 1447 by a local peasant named Eleazar. He constructed the wooden church of Three Holy Fathers, wherein he was interred upon his death on 15 May 1481. Eleazar was canonized at the Stoglavy Sobor in 1551.

In the mid-16th century, the monastery was heavily fortified and attained a position of great importance and celebrity, owing to its learned hegumen, Philotheus of Pskov, who is credited with authorship of the Legend of the White Cowl and the Third Rome prophecy. It was during his hegumenship that the monastery became known for its school of icon-painters and its still-standing cathedral was built. Some scholars believe that the only known copy of the Lay of Igor's Campaign was created by one of local monks at the behest of Philotheus.

After seven decades of Soviet neglect, the monastery was revived as a nunnery patronized by Lyudmila Putina and Lyubov Sliska who commissioned a luxurious guest house for their prolonged stays at the convent.



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Р60, Pskov, Russia
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Founded: 1447
Category: Religious sites in Russia

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Ирина Звамбая (2 years ago)
Very well maintained place. Monastic buildings on both sides of the road. Large well-groomed area. The church is active. There is a church shop selling honey, cheese, dairy products. However, as you are lucky, there is no choice. Either cottage cheese is on sale, then milk. Visiting the church and other premises only with a mask. Coronavirus rules are being followed. There are toilets on the territory. Near the monastery, there is a small roadside Monastery cafe. The refectory of the monastery is closed.
Tom Cat (2 years ago)
Very cozy place! Beautifully designed landscape design of the church territory: a picturesque artificial pond with fish, flower beds, a stylized water mill across the road... There are many new, rare icons in the church. You should definitely visit this fertile place! We combined a visit to Zalit Island and this temple; from the pier of Pechersk Lake to the temple 6 km.
Людмила Кузина (2 years ago)
The Savior Elizarovsky Convent outside Pskov is located. Well-groomed territory, a pond, flowers bloom, a young garden. Unusual bell - the alarm is on the territory.
Дмитрий Степанов (2 years ago)
Spaso-Eleazarovsky Convent met us on Christmas Eve wrapped in drifts of sparkling snow in the fabulous light of lanterns. The atmosphere outside its walls is sweet and inviting. Here is an ancient temple, icons, candles. The crosses are on the domes. And the warmth stored in the hearts falls on the shoulders.
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