Pskov National Museum

Pskov, Russia

The Pskov state historical, architectural and art museum, opened in 1876, is one of the oldest museums of Russia. It comprises three separate museums and a wide range of displays. The 2nd floor of the new building houses the war collection, with photos and artefacts from WWII, as well as information on more recent conflicts like Afghanistan and Chechnya. More interesting is the 1st-floor picture gallery, which has works from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, including paintings by Nikitin, Tropinin and Zhukovsky, as well as representations from the Russian avant garde, including a couple of Petrov-Vodkins.



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Founded: 1876
Category: Museums in Russia


4.5/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Sergo Kuzovkin (2 months ago)
The museum is about nothing; in the eyes of the average person, it is an incomprehensible collection of objects from the past. Four bells, and they promise you a whole museum of bells, but in the private museum of Yaroslavl there are more than 20 of them, but here four are already an event. Museum of the Pskov Archaeological Society, please explain where I can get information about yours. society. It is worth noting how many caretakers there are, there are more of them than there are bells. And they follow you everywhere.
Antonius (2 months ago)
The museum is located in historical chambers of the 17th century. Interesting exhibits, unusual icons, frames, church utensils. There are even icons of St. Christopher the Pseglavets. A good collection of precious parts of princely attire, jewelry, jewelry, numismatics. A wonderful art gallery. In a separate building there is an exhibition telling about the former owner of the chambers, the largest Pskov merchant S.I. Pogankin.
Юлия К (3 months ago)
Amazing museum! You can touch the antiquity)
Татьяна Тягилева (12 months ago)
The goal is to see the Pogankin Chambers themselves, what this preserved and restored building looks like from the inside. And, rather as a bonus, these are two exhibitions. These expositions change, so I won’t dive into what we found. In general, the time for inspection will be around 20-40 minutes, depending on your interest. Probably what I would like to draw attention to is the different levels of the caretakers: Some constantly pulled back (yes, a child of 4.5 is interested in his surroundings within the limits of what is permitted, he does not touch the paintings with his hands, but he can run through the gallery and sing something at the same time), and some - then he told me something interesting about the theme of the exhibition. In general, the inspired expectation was spoiled by the twitches. It’s interesting to look at the Chambers, but I would like to bring the caretakers to a common denominator: a museum is not a library, the exhibits and what they see provoke discussion, and walking in silence just because the caretaker is tired - you know..
Larissa Lahtinen (3 years ago)
Pskov is a beautiful city. Great museum. Historic place.
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