Reichenstein Castle

Trechtingshausen, Germany

Reichenstein Castle, also called Falkenburg, is located above Trechtingshausen. The large construction is one of the spectacular examples of the castle reconstruction in neo-Gothic style. Reichenstein Castle, built in the 11th century, was owned by a robber-baron. Therefore it was destroyed in 1253 and again in 1282. It decayed since the 16th century.

In 1834 Friedrich Wilhelm von Barfuß started the reconstruction. Baron Kirsch Purcelli bought the castle in 1899 and continued generously the work of reconstruction. The shield wall is particularly noteworthy.

In the castle are to be found in addition to the largest collection of cast-iron plates in Rhineland-Palatinate 1200 hunting trophies from all over the world, weapons, arms, porcelain and furniture from five centuries.



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Founded: 1100
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Salian Dynasty (Germany)


4.6/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Magnus Hansvold (9 months ago)
Very nice location. Unfortunately let down by mediocre service, which is not what I expected when booking such a place. When we arrived we got the wrong room (twin instead of double), however this was quickly and friendly corrected, which was a plus. The room we had was not actually in the castle, but rather in a more modern building on the castle grounds. So if you to actually live in a castle, you need to go elsewhere. The service at the restaurant is slow and waiters seems not to notice their guests. There is no table service outside and one have to actually go to the bar to some kind of attention, if not you probably could wait for hours. Another let down is that the hotel does not have a proper parking, so that you have to park by the road. To top this, I had my car park by the road, which was confirmed by the hotel to be OK on the we arrived, only to be awakened by a rather rude telephone from the reception that ordered me to move my car immediately, with no further explanation where to park it. So; nice location, let down by mediocre service and poor parking. There are much better alternatives in the area, such as Burghotel Auf Schönberg, which offers excellent service in all areas.
Yerbol Baimen (10 months ago)
A stunning castle. I was there just as a museum visitor (there are also a restaurant and a hotel). The museum tells us a lot about the castle and its owners history. Moreover, there are really interesting exhibits from the German Empire and Weimar Republic. The castle has beautyful viewpoints and the atmosphere of 17-19 centuries. It's a pleasure to sit and simply watch Rhine from there. Even during a hot sunny day it was pretty comfortable to be inside. I wouldn't say that it's definitely a must-see but if you haven't visited castles yet, I strongly recommend to come there.
Robin Krause (11 months ago)
Can't say enough good things about our stay at Burg Reichenstein. As hotel guests you get free admission to the castle and even after the castle is closed you can wander around the grounds. Because of its elevated location there are great views of the Rhine. We also had dinner at the restaurant on the grounds and it was very good. We happened to be there when the white asparagus is in season and it was very tender. Our meal and our wine were both delicious. As a bonus, a nice buffet breakfast is included as are tea and cake in the afternoon. Highly recommend a stay here. It may be a little more expensive than some hotels but it's worth the splurge.
Randy Martin (11 months ago)
The hotel and castle (burg) are top notch. The staff is friendly. Having been to 10 burgs, in Western Germany, I put this one at #4. I recommend this place for value and comfort. I only wish they had a boat to the town on the other side of the Rhine. Most of the towns on the opposite side seem to be having a great time. Location was my only down mark. If I knew the train and river boat schedules better, we would have had more fun.
tony brawley (11 months ago)
The most wonderful hotel experience I have ever experienced! Unbelievable! You have to come and see for yourself. Such a mystical feeling the entire time you are on the property. We will be back next year!
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