Heeswijk Castle was originally built in the 11th century. The original motte was erected in 1080. During the subsequent centuries this motte was reduced and in its place a castle was built.

Heeswijk Castle has played a crucial role in the history of the Netherlands. Around the year 1600 Prince Maurits twice failed to take the castle. Eventually, his half-brother Frederick Henry did, however, succeeded in capturing the castle in 1629, which in turn enabled him to lay siege to 's-Hertogenbosch. In 1672 the French king Louis XIV stayed at Heeswijk Castle during his campaign against the Dutch Republic. At the end of the 18th century General Pichegru, a French general under the command of Napoleon used the castle as his headquarters.

In 1835, André Baron van den Bogaerde van Terbrugge bought the Heeswijk Castle, which by then had fallen into disrepair, and immediately started reconstruction works on a large scale. The castle was enlarged with an armory. He also had the so-called 'Iron Tower' built in order to house his and his sons, Louis and Donat, growing collection of art objects and curiosa.

The current castle museum attempts to reflect the life and traditions of the middle of the 19th century. Following recent restoration guided tours of the castle are offered. The armory of the castle is used as a wedding location by the municipality Bernheze. Under the promenade cellar roofs (wedding) receptions can be held and the carriage house of the castle accommodates training facilities as well as congress and presentation rooms.



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Founded: 1080
Category: Castles and fortifications in Netherlands


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User Reviews

Cyriel Rademacher (10 months ago)
Place looks nice, enough parking and a fine place to have a drink. Couldn't go inside because of a wedding. Also a good place to wander around.
Elīna Nesimioglu (10 months ago)
A beautiful little gem of a castle. Even on the weekend it was not particularly busy at all. Helpful volunteer who explained everything to us. Would certainly recommend.
Carme Mira Medina (11 months ago)
Looking for a relaxing day plan? This is a nice option, we like the castle and the surroundings. It takes around 1h 30min to visit calmly. There is a café there with a nice terrace.
Y Jung (2 years ago)
Really nice castle with nice inside decoration. Vrijwilliger explains also nice stories. 30minute with bus from the den bosch central station.
tromyl (2 years ago)
Wonderful castle in the Dutch countryside. Free parking. There is also a nice cafe inside the castle.
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