Helmond Castle

Helmond, Netherlands

Construction of the Helmond castle began somewhere around 1325. Helmond was the replacement of an older castle, known as ‘t Oude Huys, which stood hundreds of yards west of the castle. In 1981, excavations revealed the original structure’s dungeon and a few artifacts.In the 12th century, Helmond was in possession of the Hornes and the castle’s original owners were the Berlaer family, who were then succeeded by the Cortenbach family. In the late 1600s, the castle would fall into the hands of the Arberg family and later Frederik Carel Wesselman in 1781.

A terrible fire damaged the west wing of the castle in 1549, but the structure was not demolished. In the late 1500s, attempts to besiege the castle were unsuccessful as the castle’s defenses were able to withstand the attacks. However, in the early 1600s, the castle was sieged by Prince Mauritis and State troops after the attackers launched 6 cannons at the castle. The damaged was repaired, but shortly after, the castle was once again besieged by Walen’s troops.

In 1921, the castle was sold to the municipality of Helmond by the last Lady of the family under the stipulation that the castle would be used for municipal purposes. The Lady’s wishes were respected and the castle served as a town hall from 1923 until the 1970s.Very little remains of the original interior of the castle as the structure had continually been updated throughout history. A few stucco ceilings and several fireplaces are the only original features.

Today, the castle still hosts weddings and houses a small museum that educates visitors on the history of the castle. Exhibitions include contemporary art collections as well as historical art and artifacts that educate the public about Helmond’s history.



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Founded: 1325
Category: Castles and fortifications in Netherlands


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User Reviews

Mario Vasil (3 months ago)
very nice place. And at the entrance a smiling lady who explains everything
kezia jane (5 months ago)
Great experience for all ages, especially for kids! Really recommend this. Kids can explore the castle life through dress up, games, and interactive displays. Love the friendly staffs as well.
Frits Meijer (8 months ago)
This is an unexpected treasure for all ages. Laid out beautifully and includes a wonderful historic journey through the ages of Helmond. Great variety of displays creates a perfectly accessible and interesting experience. Staff is very friendly and helpful. We loved it.
Sreejith Sreedhar (14 months ago)
It's really a nice place for a short family outing. It's well maintained and kids friendly. Kids will enjoy it
Andrea Damas (14 months ago)
What I liked the most was how kid friendly the castle is!! At the entrance there are some games from the era. Once inside, the kids can take a picture wearing knight's armour, play some more games, they can also wear a costume or a shield through the castle, and they are given a scavenger's hunt sheet with pictures they should tick once they find them around the castle. At they end they are given a diploma.
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