Dobrá Voda Castle Ruins

Dobrá Voda, Slovakia

The Dobrá Voda castle was built on the site of an earlier castle in the first quarter of 13th century in the mountainous terrain on one of the roads that cross the crest of a small Carpathian Mountains. It was first time mentioned in 1263. In ancient times, the castle formed an elongated structure of the palace, which was close to both sides of the four-sided tower, a palace located on the southeast side of the associated itself another part of the castle chapel ending. The castle, originally the property of the king, became the property Stibors Stiborice in the 14th century and since 1436 it was in the possession of family Orszagh.

In the end of 16th century castle owners started to secure the gate and restored the lower court, where they added a few strongholds in the fortification wall. The uprising of Francis II. Rákóczi (d. 1703) badly damaged Dobrá Voda castle and it was burned in 1762. After that it was a prison.



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Dobrá Voda, Slovakia
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Founded: 13th century
Category: Miscellaneous historic sites in Slovakia


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User Reviews

Gordon Bloomfield (7 months ago)
If you like old castles well worth a visit. The information signs are in Slovak but lots of pictures tell the story of the recent archeology. Its a fair walk and not easy going in places, having a 4x4 we managed to get closer than most but still a good walk & looked like it would be difficult if it wasn't dry. We visited on a hot day and the trees gave us some well recieved shade.
Marek Svec (7 months ago)
Really nice castle ruin "hidden" in the woods. It's only 20 minute hike from the town's cemetery (you can park your car at the cemetery or at the restaurant/church in the town).
Vojtech Vanek (8 months ago)
Beautiful big castle ruin being slowly repaired by volunteers. It's in the middle of forest just 1 2 km off Dobra Voda village. Worth seeing.
R. Ouhel (9 months ago)
Epic, great effort from the volunteers maintaining this place, nice views, easy walk up from carpark.
Pali Varga (2 years ago)
Undeservingly overlooked, but pretty impressive and surprisingly extensive castle complex, now in ruins with just some walls standing, with enchanting mixture of stone and trees - that might thrill any admirer of the romantic (Caspar David Friedrich) aesthetics. The ascend towards the castle is pretty mild - it takes you around an abandoned Jewish cemetery - and I recommend to take the path through the Christian cemetery as well, with some masterful and pretty unusual gravestones.
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