Lietava Castle Ruins

Lietava, Slovakia

Lietava Castle was built after 1241, most likely as an administrative and military centre. In the early 14th century, it is mentioned with Máté Csák III, one of the powerful magnates in the Kingdom of Hungary. The castle changed hands until the 16th century when the Thurzó family gained it. It was reconstructed and fortified, and given its own military garrison. After the death of Imre Thurzó in 1621, it was divided between his heirs. After the ownership disputes in 1641, they lost interest in it. The castle report in 1698 said that the castle was uninhabited and there was only an archive, which was moved to the Orava Castle in the 1760s. After that, the castle was abandoned and not used any more.



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Lietava, Slovakia
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Founded: 13th century
Category: Miscellaneous historic sites in Slovakia


4.8/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Michal Kanovszký (13 months ago)
Nice ruins under reconstruction. Hike up is family friendly and there is a small pub during rush days open. Part of the castle is reconstructed with exposition. Outside there are several seating places.
Samuel Fabrizio (2 years ago)
I visit this castle quite often and every time that I go I can see improvements. The repairs work being done deserves a 10 of 10! it’s a nice castle and it’s being treat super well now.. it was abandoned for many many year but that changed luckily. It super nice that don’t have to pay for enter I hope it keeps in this way so more ppl will be encouraged to see it. You can collaborate to repairs by donating anyway.. I prefer that
KakSeZove (2 years ago)
An incredible location with a wonderful view, and the stunning walls easily evoke the spirit and atmosphere of that time. A very inspiring place worth visiting.
Pat W (2 years ago)
This castle must have been quite something in its heyday. It's ruined now but still impresses. Restoration is underway at this time. The people are doing a great job. The hike up to the ruins is relatively looking and may be a bit hard for some but the setting is fantastic. Beautiful mountains as a backdrop, green fields and forests, butterflies,... It's a great walk. Best of all: no parking fee, no entrance fee. You can explore at leisure. Highly recommended!
Johnny Joe Johnson (2 years ago)
One of the biggest and best old castles in Slovakia,highly recommended,an easy track and a beautiful view.
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