Lille Cathedral

Lille, France

The construction of the Lille Cathedral began in 1854. The church takes its name from a 12th-century statue of the Virgin Mary. It was built to the Neo-Gothic 13th century style. The initial project was massive: 132 metres long, with spires reaching up to over 115 metres. However, wars and financial difficulties soon put an end to these plans. With the creation of the bishopric of Lille in 1913, the basilica became a cathedral, but the project, although reduced to more modest proportions, began to drag on and the cathedral remained unfinished.

It was not until the 1990s that public funding allowed for the completion of the main facade, which was inaugurated in 1999. Designed by the Lille architect Pierre-Louis Carlier, it is the product of great technical prowess and was made possible by the collaboration of Peter Rice (engineer for the Sydney Opera House and the Pompidou Centre in Paris). The central section is composed of a 30 metres high ogive covered with 110 sheets of white marble 28 millimetres thick, and supported by a metal structure. From the inside, this translucent veil reveals a surprising orange-pink colour.At the top, the glass rose window based on the theme of the Resurrection is the work of the painter Ladislas Kijno. The iron doorway is by the Jewish sculptor Georges Jeanclos.



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Place Gilleson, Lille, France
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Founded: 1854
Category: Religious sites in France


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User Reviews

Michael Stavrakakis (9 months ago)
Impressive temple with incredible vitraux windows. We were in Lille for a day so we had to visit Notre Dame de la Treille cathedral. The outside is not your typical xatholic temple style, but it's nice! The inside was beautiful and the vitraux windows are amazing! Definitely worth a visit while in Lille!
andy howell (10 months ago)
Spectacular cathedral in the gothic style. Some renovation going on outside, but still very well worth a visit.
Paula Vance (10 months ago)
Absolutely stunning. Completely different on the outside but wow! Modern touches to the historical nature of the Cathedral. A must see
PalmD WindyC (10 months ago)
Surprisingly basic but beautiful. Concrete pillars. No music playing however you could imagine strong sounds coming from the multi tiered organ pipes.
Globetrot With Mikalys (14 months ago)
A wonderful neogothic cathedral in Lille. The modern facade was later added to give a beautiful allure to the place. We were a bit deceived to find it closed so we weren’t able to check the interior
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