La Vieille Bourse

Lille, France

The Vieille Bourse (Old Stock Exchange) in Lille is the former building of the Lille Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is located between the Grand Place and the Place du Théâtre and is considered to be one of the landmarks of the city centre. The building is in the form of a quadrangle, made up of 24 identical houses enclosing an inner courtyard, which serves as a meeting place for booksellers, florists, chess players and tourists. This site is served by the Rihour metro station.

In 1651 the City of Lille obtained from Philip IV of Spain the authorization to build 'a bourse for the use of merchants that will be surrounded and encloses 24 houses'. The city sold the 24 plots of land around the market square to traders, and supported the construction of the galleries, paving the inner courtyard, and the four entryways. The building was constructed between 1652 and 1653 under the direction of Julien Destrée, in order to offer to the merchants a majestic monument comparable to that of Antwerp. The architecture is typical Flemish Renaissance of the 17th century.

The Lille Stock Exchange opened in 1861 in the building. It was not a very liquid exchange: only 3.4% of the capital changed hands each year.

In 1921, the new stock change building (the Chamber of Commerce) opened, and the Vielle Bourse was vacated. It was classified as a historical monument the same year, and renamed to Vieille Bourse (Old Stock Exchange).



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    Founded: 1652

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    Dipesh Poudel (9 months ago)
    Beautiful place to go by your own or to meet your friends. The atmosphere is amazing as you will see people walking by, meeting each other, dining around the cafe, some street performers and also some less fortunate ones. Looks really beautiful with the lights at night where you can just relax and feel the cool breeze.
    Mayukh Chakraborty (10 months ago)
    An awesome place if you are a lover of old books, vintage and new posters and post cards.
    Robbie (11 months ago)
    Beautiful building and the book market in the courtyard is a nice place to browse.
    Renaud Milon (14 months ago)
    Very nice historical building, but the visit is short and the art is not sold cheap. To be included in a wider tour of the area.
    mohammad mohammadi (2 years ago)
    It's uniq place
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