The ruins of the Uhrovec castle, dating from the 13th century, lies on the steep hill. It was one of the most valuable castles in Slovakia. The estate of the castle belonged to an influential noble family Zayo in the 16th century, originated from Croatia. The irst documented records of the castle date from 1258.



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Founded: 13th century
Category: Ruins in Slovakia


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Milena .Kusnierova (10 months ago)
View over to castle is always lovely
Adam Píš (16 months ago)
This castle was amazing. Let's start with parking. There is pretty sizable parking lot at the end of the village, although you won't really see any cars there if you go during the work days and especially earlier in the morning. Sign there says that the hiking trip takes about 55 mins, and it's pretty much spot on. The gradient is totally manageable also for older people. The castle itself is full of volunteers renovating it and a great black doggo which always begs for pets. You will also be able to visit a little museum with some artifacts found on the site and some models which show how castle looked before it fell to ruins. Views are amazing and you will not be disappointed. 100% recommended even for hikers beginners.
Brano Gaspar (2 years ago)
Very nice castle ruin, currently under restoration so you will encounter volunteers, and find scaffolding and building materials there. Nice view from the windows. You have to take approx 45min trek (2 trails available) to get there from nearest parking lot, worth every step. Also serves as tourist shelter (very basic).
Michael Lösch (2 years ago)
When somebody is interested in ? then come and take a look. The guys there do a great job!
Milena .Kusnierova (3 years ago)
Beautiful ruins with great views. The castle was built in 13th century, when there was a danger of Turkish invasion. The castle was changing owner quite often, so it was loosing its face. In 16th century it was abandoned, and started to go down. The renovation started in 20th century and is still in progress. Brave tourist could spend a night there, bunkhouse is run by Pavol. Bring a warm underwear.
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