Boldogkõ Castle

Boldogkõváralja, Hungary

Boldogkő Castle towers above the village atop a north-south elongated and irregularly oval-shaped andesite mountain top. The exact time of its construction is unknown, but it is certain that it was built after the Mongol invasion in the mid-13th century. The stronghold, designed with an interior turret, defended the road to Košice and the Hernad Valley. Presently, the castle is in the hands of the local municipality.

A new major renovation and excavation effort began in 2002. The castle’s profile changed dramatically with the reconstruction of two towers (a gate tower and a southern tower). Moreover, a 100 m walkway was constructed running along the internal courtyard, offering splendid views through the arrow slits to the north and west, and over the ramparts. Another walkway was built along the knife-edge ridge of the so-called “Lion’s Rock,” leading to a magnificent lookout platform.

The two-story fortress palace was a concrete slab-reinforced flat-roofed building. In order to be better able to utilise the space, a higher roof was integrated during renovations. The large and stately knight’s hall is the result. The wing also houses an exhibition of thousands of tin/lead soldiers and their meticulously detailed dioramas depicting the most important battles in Hungarian history. The scenes can even be utilised to teach history during class tips. This exhibition is the largest of its kind in Central Europe.



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Founded: 13th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Hungary

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User Reviews

Gilda Vilela (5 months ago)
By Dec. 31 ee arrived thete by 1:30 pm and the cashier didn't let us in
Jaroslav Mida (10 months ago)
Really enjoyed the castle trip. Beautiful, older castle, set on the hill. A lot of tourists come here, better come earlier during the day. Entry is very cheap, though corresponds to the fact there are very few guide points to tell the story of this castle. The visit takes around 1 hr.
Panna Mama (10 months ago)
It is a fantastic place! You can learn about history and walk among the old walls. Stunning view. Great coffee place by the entrance.
Attila (Attila de Tour) (12 months ago)
Very well restored castle. Probably one of the better ones out of the 20 located in modern Hungary. There is a reasonable entry fee but so much to see. There are live shows showing knights sword fighting and some attendants in medieval costumes. The views from here are spectacular. Highly recommended. One note to mention though, everything is written and spoken in Hungarian so have a translator app available if you don't speak the language. May be a bit challenging to navigate by elderly or those with mobility issues. Still worth a visit just for the views as the castle is located on a steep hill.
Kriszta K Tubbs (13 months ago)
This medieval fort is from the 13th century and is very educational. Some of the rooms are well furnished, and some of them have exhibitions of weapons or tin soldiers. The view is fantastic since it stands on the highly steep ridge of the Zemplen Mountains. Get your hiking shoes because the walkways are not even and are very rocky.
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