Szigliget Castle

Szigliget, Hungary

Szigliget castle was built by Favus Abbot of Pannonhalma, it was completed in 1262. A small village with a church had been developed under the castle belonging to it as usual in the life of a border fortress. The Castle passed into royal proprietorship and then from 1521 for centuries it became the property of Tóti-Lengyel family. Upon the order of Emperor Lipót issued in 1702 the Castle was blow up.To protect its substance as well as to explore, a fund was started in 1991.



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Founded: 13th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Hungary


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User Reviews

veronika szabo (4 months ago)
Unexpectedly a lot to see here! You can pay by card and cash at the entrance. At this level there is a toilet which looks well looked after, clean and modern. A small souvenir/eatery. You can take the food with you to explore. I would recommend to eat after the tour though. Close to this unit there is another toilet, but it was closed during our visit. The castle has many ‘floors’ so there is a lot of stairs and little ‘rooms’ there is plenty of information on how the castle was and the use of each little or not so little places. Meanwhile there is a breathtaking view of Balaton and the everything around. If you have children under 6, their ticket is free. I would suggest to keep your children close or take toddler harness as you can just freely climb on the ruins of the walls or fall out of the windows of cannons.
M.Sameh Ismail (7 months ago)
What a wonderful castle. Highly recommended to visit at least once. Perfect view of the city and the lake.
some dude (7 months ago)
Beautiful place with a nice view and people really took there time to restore it as it was. Good information and if you are around Balaton, make a visit and be amazed. And don't forget to buy one of the best ice-cream ever?
david cohen (8 months ago)
Not so old (only about 750 years) pretty standard layout and history. But there's a fantastic view of lake Balaton and almost all the information is translated to English, and very interesting. Free parking, easy to get to.
Huseyin (12 months ago)
There is a brief exhibition of Ottoman soldiers, not sure of the timatable but you can see on the video attached. It was very windy when we were there but except for the wind, it was a nice experience:)
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