Dobczyce Castle

Dobczyce, Poland

Dobczyce Castle was first mentioned in written sources in 1362, but had been fortified since 1311. In the time of Casimir III the Great, the walls were from 5 to 9 meters thick, and the castle was a fortified stronghold. In 1398, the castle was the abode of King Władysław II Jagiełło and his wife Jadwiga. In 1473, for several months, Prince Casimir stayed here after returning from an unsuccessful expedition.

The Lubomirski family, who ruled the castle from 1585, rebuilt the Gothic fortress into a Renaissance residence in the years 1593-1594. The clocktower, chapel and fountain were added. By 1620 the castle had 70 rooms and 3 towers. In the 1960s the site was extensively excavated.



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Founded: 1311
Category: Castles and fortifications in Poland

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Dheeraj Krishna (4 years ago)
Awesome place to visit. Its built right next to dam which is built between mountain. The view from the castle is very beautiful. Well maintained and would cost just 15 zloty. Lots of old weapons and guns used in old an time.
Rodrigó László Mészáros (4 years ago)
Nice small fortress castle and its defense walls near a lake and a lovely city center. The first "entrance" gate and the fort itself has 19 min walk distance but recom.ended to discover because amazing panorama point is frim the top of the hill.
Makki 9313 (4 years ago)
If you like quiet and calm historical places, then this one is definitely for you. Situated very close to Cracow and Wieliczka (famous salt mine) so I highly recommend to take a fast trip there. Castle is up on the hill. There's a museum inside and outside there are old houses and open-air museum.Tickets are not very pricey and it's really worth seeing. Beautiful views on the dam and surrounding forests from the courtyard. There's also a small food point.
Tim Comber (4 years ago)
Really good but would have been 5star if things are also in English.......
Dmitry Apanasevich (4 years ago)
castle is small, but quite interesting. small museum next to the castle was very interesting for me
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