Landskron Castle Ruins

Oppenheim, Germany

Landskron castle itself was probably built in the early 13th century. Is first mentioned in 1244. This castle was destroyed in 1257 and 1275 by the rebellion Oppenheim citizens. It was rebuilt in 1281.

The castle burned down in 1621 during the Thirty Years War. In the Nine Years War, French troops blew up the keep in 1689 to keep. In the following years the citizens used the ruins as a quarry.



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Founded: 13th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Habsburg Dynasty (Germany)


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User Reviews

Wallace Floyd (15 months ago)
Amazing view to the past. To think that this was constructed circa1225 is incredible!
Paweł Marcinkiewicz (15 months ago)
A great destination for a romantic walk in the evening... The castle itself was probably built in the early 13th century. The oldest surviving written mention of the "Reichsburg Oppenheim" comes from 1244. The castle burned down during the Oppenheim town fire in 1621 during the Thirty Years' War. It was only after the Thirty Years' War in 1668 that the castle received its present name "Burg Landskron". During the Palatinate War of Succession, French troops under Ezéchiel du Mas (Mélac) blew up the keep in 1689. In the years that followed, the citizens used the ruins as a quarry. In the 19th century the ruins became the property of the town of Oppenheim, which in 1875 built a viewing platform on the stump of the keep. In 1978 the castle was transferred to the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Between 1990 and 1994, the state had the ruins extensively renovated and archaeologically examined.
Laurie De Santis-Staschik (16 months ago)
Beautiful and historic,.we enjoyed it emensely.
Vicky Rao (2 years ago)
Open 24×7, great place for kids and families to explore and picnic. Its also a photographer's paradise. Do visit atleast once of you are here.
Jana Bistra (3 years ago)
There is more to visit. Not only this ruin, but nice Katherines church, labyrinth and you can as well take a walk by Rhein (photos)
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