Stockholm City Museum

Stockholm, Sweden

The Stockholm City Museum documents and exhibits the history of Stockholm. It was opened to the public in 1942 and located in the palace completed in 1685. The museum is the largest municipal museum in Sweden, and houses collections which include 300,000 items of historical interest; 20,000 works of art and 3 million photographs.

The museum has two permanent exhibitions, one called "The Stockholm Exhibition - Based on a true story". The first part of the Stockholm exhibition was opened in 2010. It tells the history of Stockholm from the first sign of settlements until the future ideas of children. It is all about buildings, streets, parks and water as well as of the inhabitants who fills the city with life. At the exhibition you may also find a unique painting of Stockholm during the 17th century. The second part of "The Stockholm Exhibition" was opened in April 2011. It focuses on the later part of the history of Stockholm.

The other permanent exhibition "About houses - Architecture & building preservation in Stockholm" guides the visitor through different historical building styles and show examples from the end of last century until the 1970s. Among kitchen cabinets, wallpapers and door handles, you get knowledge of that which is typical of the times and in many cases worthy of preservation.

Aside from the permanent exhibition and the main exhibitions, the museum most often has a few smaller exhibitions open, such as photographic exhibitions.



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Founded: 1942
Category: Museums in Sweden
Historical period: Modern and Nonaligned State (Sweden)


4.5/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Adnan Hussain (2 months ago)
For a start, it's FREE! This is a great option for visitors to Stockholm and residents, particularly in the current day and age of high costs of living. Friendly staff at reception, who are very helpful, is a second positive. The museum has lots on offer, in terms of history of the city over the past few hundred years. Very well illustrated with displays and not overwhelming with text. Perfect for the end of the day (bonus is that it's open till 8pm on a Tuesday).
Nick J. (3 months ago)
Explains the whole history of Stockholm and its people in the most amazing way, some interactive exhibits and all explanations in both Swedish and English! You should visit it its also free(august)
Joanna Carab (5 months ago)
I recommend it. It shows Stockholm' s history short and clear, without being too much or making you bored or tired. There are many interactive stations that makes it fun. Good varietof information. Good job!
Rachel M (6 months ago)
Perfect place to learn more about Stockholm, there are 3 floors of exhibition. One of the coolest parts is that there’s a tiny apartment where a working-class family used to live in the 1900s. Although the circulation could be a bit confusing, you won’t get lost.
Emma Lippett (11 months ago)
Nice Museum! Liked how they had it in date order as you go up the floors. Very informative and interesting. I liked the part about Ulla Winlad and her story. Plus it's free...bonus!! Make sure you have a couple of hours to spare for this one if you like to read the plaques properly.
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