The Museum of Medieval Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

The Museum of Medieval Stockholm was constructed around old monuments excavated in an extensive archaeological dig in the late 1970s. Part of Stockholm's city wall, dating from the early 16th century, was also found. The museum enables visitors to experience medieval Stockholm, with its brick houses and booths, workshops, harbour and gallows. It relates the medieval history of the city from the 1250s to the 1520s. In 2010, to celebrate 800 years since the birth of Birger Jarl, the founder of Stockholm, the museum opened an exhibition with a reconstruction of his face.

The Museum of Medieval Stockholm produces theme exhibitions with a medieval emphasis and arranges lectures, symposia and programmes. It engages in broad educational activities, in which children, youth and schools are a key target group. The museum has a shop that sells books relating to the Middle Ages, and also postcards and jewelry.



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User Reviews

Mariëlle (3 years ago)
It was a bit of a search, the museum is underground, under the bridge. Very well done, nice impression of life in the early days of Stockholm. It you read all the signs (in English or Swedish) you can be busy for 2 hours. There are lots of things to see, they made replicas of shops, houses, church, soldiers. A bit of an open air museum vibe. Free lockers for bag, free toilet, free museum!
Victor Palabyab (3 years ago)
Good: Free entrance, text in both Swedish and English, exhibit has a lot of interesting stuff about life during medieval times, small enough to finish in an hour without you getting bored. Bad: Not much interaction. Reading and audio guides are the only way to learn about what you're looking at (but I guess that's more than acceptable given that entrance is free)
Alina Jose (3 years ago)
This museum takes you to the medieval times, through the lifestyle of people of those times. The best part is that there is no entry fees for this museum. It's FREE and located in the centre of Stockholm on the way to Gamla Stan (the old town). Just outside the museum is an amazing view to the lake. Totally Worth visiting this one. You will cross this one on your way to Gamla Stan.
Linda Mupedza (3 years ago)
Enjoyed my visit! It was totally Engaging & super visually informative
Jędrzej Zdulski (4 years ago)
Absolutely amazing exhibition, I'm so glad I've visited. If you're interested what was it like to live in mediaval Stockholm this museum will satisfy your curiosity. The staff was very helpful, museum is nicely arranged for visiting during pandemic and almost all information is both in swedish and english!
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