The New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus) in Hanover was opened on July 20, 1913, after having been under construction for 12 years. It is a magnificent, castle-like building of the era of Wilhelm II in eclectic style at the southern edge of the inner city (outside of the historic city centre of Hanover). The building is embedded in the 10 hectare Maschpark. The Old Town Hall is no longer used as the main seat of administration, but houses businesses and the registry office.

During World War II, the building was heavily damaged during American bomb raids on the inner city of Hanover. The German state of Niedersachsen was proclaimed in 1946 in the 38 m high hall of the New Town Hall.

The dome of the New Town Hall, with its observation platform, is 97.73 m high. The dome's lift is unique in Europe, with its arched course (parabolic, following the shape of the dome). It is often incorrectly described as a sloping lift up the dome and compared with the lifts in the Eiffel Tower, which actually only travel diagonally, without changing their angle of inclination. The lift climbs the 50 m shaft at an angle of up to 17° to the gallery of the dome, where the Harz mountain range can be seen when visibility is good.



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Trammplatz 2, Hanover, Germany
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Founded: 1913
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Germany
Historical period: German Empire (Germany)

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Munnazzar Ahmed (7 months ago)
It’s a beautiful building with beautiful architecture, taking a life to go to top of the building is must experience as it’s a inclined travel trajectory of the lift and it’s one of the rarest among in whole world, The view of machsee lake is beautiful from top.
Tamara Menéndez (8 months ago)
This is a MUST in your list of places to visit in Hannover. Unfortunately the access to the terrace and the 360 Panasonic view is currently unavailable because of COVID. The entrance to the hall is free and you will get surprised by some city representations (after the war, back in the earliest 20s, currently..). It's a beautiful visit.
ian carter (8 months ago)
Beautiful town hall with lovely scale models in the main hall. Shame large parts of it were closed due to covid. Will visit for sure when allowed to look around more.
Susanne Uhlig (11 months ago)
Nice town hall in the middle of Hannover. Only 100 years old though. There are several 3D models of the city from 4 different time periods. Entry is free, but mostly you can only visit the main hall. Worth a visit, but not too special all in all.
J. R. (15 months ago)
Impressive and worth a visit as a tourist! Good to keep in mind (as a tourist) that this gigantic building is the City Hall, not the capital of Lowery Saxony or something similar, but the city's Rathaus. Also, nice to walk around the back along the pond to Maschsee.
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