Iberg Castle

Wattwil, Switzerland

Iberg Castle is located south-west of the town of Wattwil. The central keep is six stories tall and has an entrance on the north-west corner. The keep is surrounded by a curtain wall. The castle hill is protected by moats and some walls.

Iberg Castle was built in 1240 by Heinrich von Iberg who was a vassal of the Prince-Abbot of St. Gallen. The castle was briefly conquered in 1249 following the Toggenburg fratricide and again in 1290 during the rule of the anti-Abbot Konrad von Gundelfingen in St. Gallen. It was damaged during the Appenzell Wars in 1405 and soon thereafter rebuilt. During the conflicts leading to the Battles of Villmergen (from 1699-1712), the castle was besieged in 1710. After the Treaty of Baden in 1718 it was given back to the Abbot.

During the suppression of the monasteries in 1805, the castle became privately owned. Some of the housing was demolished in 1835, but the roof and battlements were rebuilt in 1902 and 1965 by the municipality.



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Wattwil, Switzerland
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Founded: 1240
Category: Castles and fortifications in Switzerland

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User Reviews

Olivier R (2 years ago)
Access is free and free during the day. The dungeon has been perfectly restored and it is possible to climb up to the frame. Access to the various secure openings. Including the wooden outdoor walkway ?. What sensations ?, and what a view ??. (Pictures)
Helmut Aichberger (2 years ago)
Small castle complex, accessible in a few minutes on the way. Tower accessible. good view
channel max (3 years ago)
In an elevated position, Burg Iberg dominated the valley. Built in the twelfth century, it was often disputed and involved in the clashes between the Toggenburg nobles and the mighty Abbey of St. Gallen. Today, the high main tower and part of the walls remain. It can be reached via an easy path and can be freely visited from the end of March to the end of October.
luke horo (4 years ago)
This is nice place for a short hike and the architecture is beautiful too, also the view from the top is very nice. Additionally, I was particularly happy to talk with Joye, a guy passionate about the place and also a gifted artist.
Thomas Wilson (5 years ago)
Thanks for the tour! It was wonderful.
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