La Clarté-Dieu Abbey

Eaunes, France

The Abbey of La Clarté-Dieu was a Cistercian monastery. The abbey was founded in 1239 by the executors of Peter des Roches, Bishop of Winchester, as one of a pair, the other being Netley Abbey in Hampshire, England. The bishop had conceived the idea of founding a pair of monasteries some years before and had begun collecting the necessary endowments for them, but his death in 1238 prevented him from completing the project. The first monks arrived at the site in 1240.

The abbey was severely damaged in the course of the Hundred Years War and the cost of rebuilding proved a heavy burden on the finances of the community. Nevertheless, La Clarté-Dieu managed to survive until the French Revolution when it was closed and sold off along with all the other monasteries of France. Following the revolution the abbey was for a long time used as a farm and some of the buildings were allowed to fall to ruin. Despite this, much of the mediaeval abbey remains in excellent condition along with some fine post-mediaeval additions. The abbey is preserved as an historic monument and is open to the public.



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Founded: 1239
Category: Religious sites in France
Historical period: Late Capetians (France)

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Santos René (9 months ago)
Water Jets for Kids ? Families ❤️ Friends ❤️ Girlfriends ? etcccc ❤️ Wonderful Super ??? places to see and visit Wow ? Picnic on the Lawns with a safe Service Place so Plan Money ? Lots of Games for the Children ?❤️ . There is a 12 Century Abbey Alas Destroyed at 50% due to Wars and Times and the Lack of Money to maintain this Building ? . The Town Hall is in the middle towards the city center ?. There is a Great Hall named Hermès for Weddings and Loto etccccc ❤️. A Boulodrome with 5 Games ??❤️?. Bakeries Pastries ?? . Tobacco Office and Scratch Games etccccc. Bistro ???????☀️?????. Friendships René Kisses from Eaunes at my Dear Mom ?❤️ . See you soon I hope ? Wouahhh ?❤️??????
D Laurence (10 months ago)
Very large green space, many choices of games for children. Ideal to spend well. Very shaded, picnic table. All that remains is to test the aquatic area ?
lilydo* sleeping princess (10 months ago)
amazing !! *-*
Elyja Galinié (2 years ago)
The setting is very pretty! Lots of greenery and for 2 months now, water games available for children! ? Playgrounds for children and a few small spots for sports, it's perfect for recharging your batteries and relaxing ?
Aime Sea (2 years ago)
The place is nice but the children's play area is somewhat insufficient. At the far right in the park surrounded by the city barrier ? a guard who is not indicated by a clear T-shirt or an armband. In short, disappointed
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