The Pont Neuf is a 16th-century bridge in Toulouse across the Garonne river. Original planning for the bridge started in 1542 by the assembly of a committee of master masons and carpenters. Construction started on the foundations in 1544; the first arch was started in 1614. The bridge was finished in 1632, and was inaugurated on 19 October 1659.

The bridge is not symmetrical; the longest arch is the third from the right-hand bank. The openings through the piers were originally supposed to represent the face and mane of a lion. A triumphal archway added in 1686 constricted traffic and was removed in 1860.



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    Founded: 1544-1632

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    Joanna Duez (8 months ago)
    Very welcoming secretary, whether in the office or on the phone. Doctor Ponsar is professional, attentive, fair in his remarks and explanations of situations. The wait can certainly be a little long but nothing surprising when you know the amount of work of the doctors.
    Anais Chamand (2 years ago)
    To flee. - Surprise additional costs: I consult for sterilization (where I will explain the lack of professionalism below), and I am offered a smear, presented as a small routine check-up. Here it is, it is frequent that at a small passage at the gyneco one proposes this control, I do not ask myself more question. When I left, I paid for the consultation (50 €), still not warning me that the smear was charged extra. Several weeks following the consultation, I received an invoice of around € 50 by mail. I ignore this invoice thinking of a mistake on their part. However, I receive reminder letters, before litigation. When that contacts Medipath to find out more about this bill, I learn that this is the exam that remains to be paid. OK. And when I ask how is it that I was not warned during the consultation or even when settling in office, I am told "see with Camille Ponsar" (it's a shame, she was his replacement ). When I ask for an email address to communicate in writing (because there is a threat of litigation, so it is normal to require written records), I am only given his phone number. Thank you very much for this unnecessary information by the way. Frankly, for having made medical visits, all have their own functioning. But it seems to me that ALL practitioners must warn their patient of the additional costs as well as ask for the CONSENT of the latter. However, this was not the case here. Let's move on to the reason for my consultation and how it was handled: - For the sterilization request, here are the following considerations: "Your companion must have his vasectomy reviewed" (except in my case, my companion can no longer undergo surgery) "People file a complaint because they reconsider their decision after an operation" (so what use are the 4 legal months of reflection? Another invention to anchor backward thoughts?) "You will want other children if you change your companion" (it is only pregnancy that is unbearable to me, there are other ways of having a family it seems to me. And yes it is. there are women for whom the idea of ​​pushing her body and her mind to its limits is a permanent anxiety, especially when her job is already physical.) "Men suffer less from a vasectomy. You know a tubal ligation is heavier, you have to open it, it's irreversible." (Why am I being compared to a man? I'm a woman, with a uterus, ovaries, stop talking to me about vasectomies and damn men. It's about me and nobody else! ) And honestly, so on. At no time was I asked why I wanted sterilization, what it meant for me (and not for men or those around me, in fact. I love them but I don't care ... ), no constructive discussion emerged. Pity. The great women of this world would have turned around more than once in their graves if they had seen this. Short. A shame from A to Z. A pure nightmare. That's all I had to say.
    T Val (2 years ago)
    Very competent, from the gynecologists to the secretary. Kindness and benevolence. I highly recommend
    Jonas Lopez (3 years ago)
    FALSE LAYER IN THE CENTER'S TOILETS !!!!! On 12/21/2020, on the advice of emergencies, we presented my partner 11 weeks pregnant and myself in advance to our 11:00 am meeting because my partner was suffering from contractions and bleeding. When I got to the office, I informed a gynecologist who told me that she would warn our doctor and wait for the time for our appointment without deigning to get up from her desk to see my partner's condition. It is then 10:20 am. We waited until 11:05 am in the middle of the other patients who paraded, my partner was in pain and cried a lot. I decided to go to another gynecologist for help, she gave my partner a Spasfon. My partner then went to the waiting room bathroom where she had a miscarriage, when I informed the first gynecologist about it, I was shocked and very angry, she just went back to her office. We were taken care of at 11:30 am, our doctor then told us that she did not know anything. I obviously made a scandal. But that's not all, at the end of the consultation, the Dr starts writing down on his computer everything I say out of anger, accuses me of threatening her and conditions the rest of the treatment. 'forgetfulness of this traumatic event. We will never forget our visit to the Pont Neuf gynecological center ... Nothing could prevent this miscarriage I am aware of, but they made it a real nightmare.
    Jessica Gibert (3 years ago)
    Very nice home ! The secretary and the doctors are very kind and attentive. Not only is everything well explained, but they take the time to take an interest in our personal case and our pathology if this is the case. I was very apprehensive going there for the first time, because I no longer trusted the gynecologists and I was running away from consultations and medical examinations like the plague, but everything went very well. I came back to continue my follow-up and I will come back to it, because I finally found the gynecologist who was able to listen to me, understand me and help me. A big thank you to this team and keep it up! :)
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    Excavations have revealed a basement of three elliptical walls linked by cross-walls and a channel surrounding the oval central arena. The arena was slightly sloped, with the building"s south part supported by a now-vanished vault. The arena"s dimensions are 67,6m by 42m. This phase of the amphitheatre housed games which accompanied the imperial cult, with its low capacity (1,800 seats) being enough for delegations from the 60 Gallic tribes.

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