Venetian Triangle Fortress

Sarandë, Albania

The dogal Republic of Venice purchased the area of Butrint including Corfu from the Angevins in 1386; however, the Venetian merchants were principally interested in Corfu and Buthrotum once again declined. The Venetians began to invest in Butrint in the late 15th century, which seems a likely date for the Triangular Fortress construction. Musket ports opened at both ground level and along the parapet walk. Vaulted storerooms inside the fort carried artillery platforms above to train cannon on the approach to Butrint up the Vivari Channel. In 1798, however, the fortress was slighted by General Chabot, the commander of the garrison of the French dependency of Corfu.

Triangular Fortress takes the form of an irregular triangle with a tower at each point. Originally, it stood on an island in a pre-canalised river mouth, protected by an outer siege work or ravelin (a crescent-shaped defensive wall).The keystone of one the interior buildings bears a relief of the Lion of St. Mark, the symbol of the Republic of Venice.



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Butrint, Sarandë, Albania
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Founded: 15th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Albania

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monica gattani (8 months ago)
Beautiful place to witness amazing sunsets. It has perfect view of the city overlooking ocean. The cafe is really cheap so you can buy some drinks and enjoy some amazing sunsets from this place.
Florian Fußberger (8 months ago)
The restaurant wasn’t open when we came, but the view was amazing! Also lots of these small bunkers around, so pretty interning to see and also very good as a photo spot
Dave T (8 months ago)
Spectacular place at all times of day but best at sunsets. The 360 is just breathtaking from the mountain range north to the valley in the east the lagoon to the south and the sea and Corfu to the west. Its a small castle that has pretty much been turned into a restraunt. But you can also just get a drink and just enjoy the view. The main way up via road is tarmacadam most of the way, but pity there is no obvious footpath up the western side. Free entry too
Sophie Spencer (9 months ago)
Absolutely the best place to visit in Sarandë and it's free! The castle itself is beautiful and romantic with absolutely stunning panoramic views. It would be nice to have a little information about the castle available.
Paweł (9 months ago)
A narrow but asphalt road leads to the top, there are several large parking lots along the way. You can easily cross it on foot. There is a beautiful castle at the top with an even more beautiful view. I recommend every vacationer visiting Sarande to pass this facility.
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