Camairago Castle

Camairago, Italy

Camairago Castle was built in the first half of the 15th century by the order of Vitaliano I Borromeo, a nobleman from Milan. Borromeo family still owns the castle. During the first Italian War of Independence it was a headquarters of Austrian field marshall Radetzky in 1848.



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Founded: 15th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Italy

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Lukáš Struhal (2 years ago)
A very nice castle and museum. There are many rooms, everybody will find something to like. You need to count with exhibition which takes at least 3 hours so if you hurry, you should check only items you are interested in. There is also a beautiful view from the top. If you take a bag with you, you can store it in a locker located downstairs (1 euro deposit - will be returned after you input the key back). After exhibition you can find a good place for rest outside. This place is also magical in the evening.
Valeria Arestov (2 years ago)
Very interesting historical site, gives you the feeling you're inside a movie. Also it is surrounded by a beautiful park. At night the place is closed but is lit up with beautiful lights. At day time you can come inside the castle and see what you probably learned about in history lessons. It was very interesting. We weren't able to actually enter inside the building because there was some kind of private event, but the yard and everything else is open for free at is worth seeing.
Laura Perez (2 years ago)
In wanting to explore the city, we chose the busses to do it since it's only 1.50 euros and good for 90 minutes. On one of the stops we saw the sign for the castle and got off. It was a beautiful castle converted into a museum. Full of history and it's grounds converted into a beautiful park. We enjoyed being there for about 3 hours.
Emmanuel Gustin (2 years ago)
The managers of this place have made it a lot more than just a huge castle next to the city centre. There are concerts in the evening, and dance workshops during the day. There are several large musea, and if you read this before 14 Sep 2021, then hurry and go see the temporary exhibit about the human in sculpture - it is really wonderful. The adjacent park is a nice place to relax. Supplies of food and drink are very modest.
Kasia Gaca-Zając (2 years ago)
A nice, large castle - not that spectacular on the outside but has some nice pieces of art inside, quite worth seeing. When you buy the museum tickets, make sure you ask what is open and what is not - we were not told that the Ancient Egypt and Prehistory parts were closed and the former one was why we even got the tickets. We found out when we wanted to enter that part of the museum.
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