Moguer Castle

Moguer, Spain

Castillo de Moguer was renovated and enlarged in the 14th century. The oldest record document of castle dates from 1362, but it probably existed already in the Moorish age.

The castle was built of mud-based mortar gravel, clay and lime. It is of an imperfect square plan 44 by 45 metres in size, with four towers at the corners. A moat surrounded the castle, as evidenced by written records, but is not currently visible. Access to the castle was across the northwest side, now Santo Domingo Street, via a ramp. Each tower measures 9 by 9 metres and contains two chambers with a covered brick dome. The four towers were topped by battlements. A cellar dating to the 18th century, measures 22 by 10.5 metres and serves as the headquarters of the Tourist Office.



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Calle Castillo 5, Moguer, Spain
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Founded: 14th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Spain

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User Reviews

José Manuel Carrasco Lombo (3 months ago)
Historic site with municipal offices
Jose Luis Hernández (8 months ago)
Congratulations to the City Council and organization. In a magical space, a night of good theater tastes twice as good.
Ricardo Osés (10 months ago)
The ruins of the castle of Moguer are currently under construction. In some comments you can read that the Tourist Office is located in the courtyard. This is not the case now, maybe when the work is finished I will return here but for now all that can be seen is through a closed fence. I do not doubt its beauty and historical value in ancient times but today it is not even a shadow of what it was. Curious only if you are walking around the area.
Nelson Papayani (2 years ago)
Nice place, everything very clean and tidy
delaC San (2 years ago)
I don't think it can be visited.
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