The Church of St. Peter was officially consecrated in 1198. The part in white and black bands dating from the 13th century (probably made between 1256 and 1277), and was restored between 1931 and 1935. This part was derived from an older body, which consists of the early church, but left the bell tower is based on the chapel left of the presbytery.

The original church dates from the 5th century, in Syriac type, with rectangular plan and semicircular apse. It lost the title of parish in the late 14th century, in favor of the Church of San Lorenzo. It was officiated by the secular clergy until 1798.



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Founded: 1198
Category: Religious sites in Italy

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bipin joseph (6 months ago)
San Pietro Church Porto Venere is one of the landmarks in the landscape of Porto Venere. You will be hard pressed to miss it as it soars on a high rock spur at the end of piazza L. Spallanzani. Its beauty is beyond words. A must see in Italy.
Mike Craig (6 months ago)
This is just one hour away from my wife's families house in Parma and it is one of my favorite places to visit in all of Italy! The structure of the church and the picturesque scenery of the ocean is absolutely breathtaking.
Dennis Zheng (8 months ago)
5 Stars? No, it’s a 10 Stars place, park your car outside, it’s a 5 minute along the shore to enter the Church area, take your time, it’s a beautiful spot. After you are done with the Church area, don’t take the same route out, take the path that is going uphill, walk inside the alley, you will be surprised to see lots old buildings or houses, you won’t get lost, it’s a one way down to the main entrance
Venie Parks (9 months ago)
I lighted a candle here. It is such a solemn place to pray. The surrounding area has also majestic views. It's just relaxing to sit and ponder.
Eleven Y (10 months ago)
Amazing combination of church, castle, hill, sea, coast and beautiful street. Love it. In the church it was very cool while outside was super hot, nice to sit down in this blessed place.
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