San Antolín de Toques Church

Toques, Spain

According several professionals San Antolín de Toques is one of the oldest churches in Galicia, built probably in the 10th century. The first document of church dates from 1067. The restored interior has frescoes from the 16th century.


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Lugar Priorato 2, Toques, Spain
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Founded: 10th century AD
Category: Religious sites in Spain


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User Reviews

ikitabi (5 months ago)
A stone tower with contents similar to the shape of this church's altar was located under a cliff on the outskirts of the village of Zenkojimichi in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
Robert “Bob” B (6 months ago)
A interesting place but it’s pretty when the weeds are cut back.
eva garcia pardo (12 months ago)
For lovers of the Romanesque: An authentic jewel, a Romanesque church, with pre-Romanesque elements, in an excellent state of conservation. Its interior with polychrome frescoes, such as that of S. Cristóbal, checkered capitals, truncated pyramids, Celtic reminiscences, like the trisquel... Its exterior can be reminiscent of the Asturian Romanesque, blind semicircular arches... With remains of the monastery, if not the first, one of the first of the Benedictine Order in Galicia, medieval bridge, free-standing bell tower, oven, fountain... This jewel should not be missed, it is in a town hall. which belongs to the Camino de Santiago, previously a must-see for pilgrims, especially so that s. Christopher, patron of travelers, protect them on their pilgrimage... And what to say about its surroundings: For lovers of nature and photography, there are several approved routes to enjoy its waterfalls (fervenzas). Another with a dolmen... Excursion day with guaranteed enjoyment. Note: The church is closed, but if you call the town hall. to organize a visit, there will be no problem.
Antolín Zapiraín (2 years ago)
Magical setting, the church, an unknown jewel of the Galician pre-Romanesque. On the outside it has very unusual elements, but the best is inside, especially the frescoes that surround the altar. Shame how hard it is to find it open.
Rodrigo Pousa (2 years ago)
A magical enclave. The setting is wonderful, it's a shame there isn't a well-cared-for hiking trail.
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