Roman Forum

Zadar, Croatia

Roman Forum of Zadar is the largest on the eastern side of the Adriatic sea, founded by the first Roman Emperor Augustus, as shown by two stone inscriptions about its completion dating from the 3rd century. 

Ancient Zadar (or Iadera as the Romans would say) was a Roman colony from 48BC until the disintegration of the Roman empire in the 5th century. After a violent earthquake in the 6th century, the buildings surrounding the forum were destroyed. The still standing elements and stones (then used to rebuild) were retrieved for various buildings.

Most striking is the decorative column marking the western side of the forum. Notice the chains still visible on the column. During the Middle Ages it was the 'pillar of shame' used to punish evildoers.

Continuing on the western side of the Forum, you come to the remains of the Capitolium which was an important temple consecrated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva.

To round out an appreciation of Roman Zadar, take a look at Zadar's Archaeological Museum which displays artifacts from the Roman period as well as a scale model of the original Roman forum.



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Founded: 1st century AD
Category: Prehistoric and archaeological sites in Croatia

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ATD D (8 months ago)
Many professional reviewers do a much better job explaining the relevance of the forum. From a layman’s perspective, this place is pretty slick. The forum allows one to visualize what it was like 2-3k years ago. It had sort of a Pompeii feel, less ominous but was definitely able to immerse and take in the experience. Highly recommend get out early or after bad weather. This place gets busy and crowded fast. Also look at the cool reflection of the tower, shot it just after a rainstorm.
Maitham AlFardan (9 months ago)
Beautiful historical moment,, Unfortunately there are no clear marks or signs to indicate whatever is in there,!!
Rachel Cabral (11 months ago)
Impressive Ancient Roman ruins with a temple and a forum it was part of the Roman Empire commissioned by the first Roman emperor, Augustus. Unmissable spot in Zadar.
Padmini M S (11 months ago)
The Roman Forum is the most prominent place to visit and an important landmark in Zadar city. It is a place where you see the amalgamation of the old and new. Ruins from the roman era, many historical structures-churches, museums, modern cafes, souvenir shops etc. characterize the place. A must-visit, when in Zadar.
Robert Chomicz (13 months ago)
Remains of the Roman central square in the center of Zadar are not very impressive. They consist of foundations of shop stalls and a few incomplete columns. The major temple that used to be located at the forum is virtually gone and the only thing that remains is the "column of shame." It is interesting to visit with a guide, but by yourself you will not be impressed. It is also very exposed so make sure you wear your sunscreen if you are touring it in the summer. Forum is free to enter but the churches and bell towers located at the forum have fees if you wish to visit them.
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