St. Anselm Church

Nin, Croatia

The parish Church of St. Anselm located in the centre of Nin, was the Nin cathedral during the rule of Croatian Kings and later. It was built in the 6th century and restored during the reign of King Zvonimir in 1070 and through history suffered damage several times and assumed its present-day appearance in the 18th century. On one side of the Bell Tower the lateral chapel of St Marcela called Our Lady of Zečevo leans against the church; the church is from the 15th century and contains the statue of Our Lady with the Divine Child in her arms. The chapel also contains Renaissance work, a tombstone of the Nin Bishop, Juraj Divnić. In 1646, before the Venetian attack, the statue was transferred to Zadar and ten years later returned again to the lateral chapel of the Nin church, where it can be found today. The Mother of God, who is worshipped here as Our Lady of Zečevo is especially celebrated in Nin and this church is its main annual holy place, in the Zadar diocese even today.

The Bell Tower of the parish Church of St Anselm stands to the west of the Church, the one time the cathedral, as a free standing building made from treated stone. Some 30 years ago, great restoration work was done on the Bell Tower and its original forms were discovered. The Bell Tower is considered to have originated in the 13th century and reconstructed in the 17th century.



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Founded: 1070
Category: Religious sites in Croatia

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Vanja Zvonar (7 months ago)
St Anselm's parish Church is the oldest of numerous churches in Nin. It dates back to 6th century AD. It was a cathedral in medieval times, it was damaged and restored throughout history. It's present shape is from the 18th century. It is opened in daytime, the interior is small, serene, moderately decorated with taste. The belltower and Chapel of St Marcella are outside, adjactent to the church.
Ma. Bianca E. Serepec (8 months ago)
Amazing Chruch ..?❤.. it is beautiful and stunning. It is my first time to visit Nin Croatia and i was amazed by the old town in Nin including this " The Church of St. Anselm " and other old structures..❤??
Cristian Vancea (3 years ago)
This church has statue of Virgin Mary very famous and a old tower that you can climb in it. But you must check the program first, it is not open all day.
Joze Gabrijelcic (5 years ago)
Sergio Fernández Bueno (6 years ago)
Nice and elegant bell tower. The church is quite simple but cozy
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