Messina Cathedral

Messina, Italy

Messina Cathedral dates back to the 12th century, but it was thoroughly restored between 1919-1920 due to the earthquake that had caused serious damage in 1908. During the Second World War when the Allied dropped bombs on the city, a fire destroyed part of the cathedral which was rebuilt in 1943.

The apsidal area has its original Norman structure and the three outstandingly decorated portals of the façade built following the late Gothic style may have been built, at least the central one, at the beginning of 15th century. A sculpture of Jesus among the Evangelists stands in the architrave where it is also possible to admire human beings, animals and plants beautifully sculpted.The tympanum dates back to the second half of 15th century. There is a nave and two aisles where files of 28 columns stand. Part of the decoration is original except the mosaics in the apse which are reconstructions.

This cathedral is where the remains of remarkable men rest such as Conrad IV king of Germany and Sicily (13th century) and many archbishops. The chapel of Sacrament, built in the late 16th century, houses scenographic decorations and mosaics dating back to 14th century. In 1933 the Ungerer company of Strasbourg incorporated the largest astronomical clock in the world in the bell tower.

Every day a t 12 there is a performance by mechanically animated statues telling the core facts of civil and religious history of Messina.



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Founded: 1197
Category: Religious sites in Italy


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User Reviews

Michalina Kosakowska (3 months ago)
A very nice cathedral. It is renovated and beautifies the market. It also looks good inside. I recommend seeing it. Entrance is free!
Dobrin Peltekov (3 months ago)
12 o’clock and you can listen the music
Milan Pejčić (4 months ago)
Nice place. In morning it's not overcrowded, afternoon is busy. First time here on south of Italy. It was Sunday so I didn't bought anything cuz no shops were working.
Michael Pearson (4 months ago)
Very interesting church interior with lots of statues and fresco paintings. Good tour & guide for upstairs museum.
Ella Vásquez (13 months ago)
At 12 noon, every day, the bell tower of the Cathedral makes and amazing show. It have a mechanism with the apostles parading in a circle, a rooster that crows and the golden lion that roars, the sound is wonderful. Just sit down in front and enjoy! In Messina, justo be careful with the sellers, there are many, if you are a woman it is better not be nice. Say NO very clear.
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