Sanctuary of Tindari

Tindari, Italy

The Sanctuary of Tindari was built on the ruins of the Tindari Castle in 1953 and contains the famous statue of the Black Madonna. This statue of Byzantine origins is dated back to 800 AD, and was carved from a rare Turkish cedar wood. The legends tell that the ship carrying this Madonna was driven onto the Tindari bay after a violent storm.

According to popular belief, the Black Madonna has a miraculous power which protects Sicilians from many dangers including earthquakes, pestilence, and the attacks of armies.Today the Black Madonna stands behind the altar.



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Founded: 1953
Category: Religious sites in Italy

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Trenton White (6 months ago)
Most Beautiful Chapel on the Island! Quite possibly the most beautiful chapel I have ever seen. I can’t imagine how long this must have taken to build. It is so ornate throughout. From the amazing stained glass to the marble floors to the most beautiful mosaics I’ve ever seen. This would have been difficult anywhere, but you add the fact that it is on top of a giant mountain from centuries ago? No idea how they did this. And it’s gorgeous on the outside as well, with an incredible view. If you only get to visit one chapel in Sicily, make it this one! Absolutely worth your time (you can even visit the Roman ruins next door). Also, there’s free parking part way up and a bit of a walk to the chapel. Be prepared to walk through several vendors, but I recommend getting some flavored peanuts to make the rest of your day more flavorful.
Hanne Hedegaard (8 months ago)
Fantastic place. The sanctuary is full of lovely pictures erc.
Marianna Bonomi (12 months ago)
Parking is below the sanctuary and you go up with a bus, cost us only €1 per person. The church is absolutely beautiful and huge, Well kept and clean Stunning views over looking the Laghetti di Marinella over a sunset
Aušra Pabedinskaitė (2 years ago)
Church is beautiful, but have to pay for parking, then for bus to get there (can walk there too), also everything around is not for free, so again, have to pay for everything except going inside church.
Anne-Marie (4 years ago)
Breathtaking views of the Aeolian islands and the Gulf of Patti! Pity about all the untidy stalls nearby selling candied fruit and souvenirs. Detracts somewhat from the overall experience. Tourist office agent was extremely helpful and indicated to us all the interesting points of interest. Sanctuary with the Madonna Nera is definitely worth visiting. There is a long trail downwards from the car park to the beach surrounded by the typical Sicilian scrub, prickly pears (fichi d'India) and cactus plants. Not an easy trek under a hot sun!
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