Holy Trinity Church

Baldwinowice, Poland

Holy Trinity Church in Baldwinowice is a wooden-brick church built in 1414. The chapel of ease is located on the route between Namysłów and Kępno, being one of the oldest in Namysłów County.

The oldest parts of the church (chancel and sacristy) originate from before 1414, and as such are bricked. The wooden nave was constructed in 1592, whilst the tower from the second half of the seventeenth-century. The nave-wide part of the church tower has a carport, whilst the upper tower has an eight-part tent-carport, covered with a shake wooden shingle.

Presently, the church serves as a chapel of ease of St. Michael Archangel Parish in Michalice.



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Baldwinowice, Poland
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Founded: 1414
Category: Religious sites in Poland

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User Reviews

Cominescu (19 months ago)
In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful wooden churches in Opole Silesia. I definitely recommend it!
Krzysztof Kalinowski (20 months ago)
Currently, the only noteworthy monument in Baldwinowice is the filial church of the p. Holy Trinity. The origins of the wooden and brick temple date back to the 15th century. Around 1592, a wooden nave was added to the gothic presbytery and sacristy. In the second half of the 17th century, the church was extended by a tower. The temple underwent numerous renovations and conversions, including in 1936. Inside the church, the late baroque main altar, a late Gothic triptych in the side altar, a wooden music choir from the 16th century, the epitaph of Ulbrycht von Herthel from 1626, polychrome interior from 1907 are preserved.
KALANG (22 months ago)
The church is somewhat off the beaten track, you can see that it is not very often visited by tourists, which is a pity because it is the next Perełka. It was open and it's good because it's what to show. The oldest part of the church are the sacristy and the presbytery, which are made of brick before 1414. The wooden nave was built in 1592. And the tower is seventeenth-century.
Krzysztof Krzysztof (2 years ago)
Beautiful, wooden church. A monument of class 0. One of three such unique objects in the area of ​​Namyslow (the other two are in Michalice and Krasowice)
Zofia Chabierska (3 years ago)
A magical place, forgotten by people, definitely worth a look here and take a break from everyday life. "Pearl of the sea everyday"
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