Musée Estéve

Bourges, France

Built in the 15th and 17th centuries, Musée Estéve serves as a setting to highlight the creative imagination of Maurice Estève, a remarkable and self-taught painter of the 20th century. Through his watercolours, charcoals and colour sketches, you can follow the progress of a sensitive artist.



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jean mich much (9 months ago)
Beautiful building that you will actually find closed at the moment (October 2023) but its facade and its sculpted ornaments will catch your attention, notice the modern sculpture in its courtyard.
Jean Yves (9 months ago)
I have just spent 3 days in Bourges with the aim of visiting the historical heritage of the city. To my great disappointment, many interesting monuments (including this museum) will remain closed until 2025-2026, or even longer perhaps. Fortunately the Jacques Coeur palace (magnificent) and the eternal cathedral (superb) were open. I regret that the information is hidden from visitors who are planning their stay remotely. The tourist office should relay the information to warn us when we come from far away. More generally, the city which manages this heritage should not be congratulated for this fact.
ouzé helene (10 months ago)
Magnificent structure of course, very rich in history, a program of exhibitions, clearly showing the work of Maurice Estève, very interesting, in particular the visit to the history of the period, also modern art, really very important, pleasantly enriching.
SigreY 7.12 (2 years ago)
The Estève exhibition is being held at the Hôtel des Échevins in Bourges. A retrospective that looks back on the unusual career of the famous self-taught artist Maurice Esteva (1904-2001), born in Coulan. In Paris, Esteve was influenced by the Surrealists, and later by Cézanne. About 200 compositions (oils, watercolors, drawings, collages, lithographs, tapestries) are stored in the museum.
Sia Mimi (2 years ago)
Very beautiful place steeped in history with its superb museum of this colorful Artist " Esteve "! To visit....absolutely. The exterior (architecture) is the reflection of a medieval town of Bourges in full swing and rich ...
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