Jacques Coeur Palace

Bourges, France

Born in Bourges some time around the year 1400, Jacques Coeur rapidly rose to the top of the social ladder. After his appointment as Finance Minister to the King and being made a nobleman, he began the construction of his Palace, which was finished around 1450.

This monument was unique in France for its time but illustrates well the original personality of its builder. It is a precursor of the mansions of the Renaissance period: the large main building is constructed against the Gallo-Roman wall. The galleries running around the courtyard link it to the chapel over the main doorway.

Great care was taken to make the Palace both comfortable and hygienic (washrooms, latrines). The reception rooms and private apartments have richly decorated fireplaces. The different parts of the building are linked by a particularly practical system of spiral staircases, passages and galleries.



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Founded: ca. 1450
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in France
Historical period: Valois Dynasty and Hundred Year's War (France)


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User Reviews

Paul Kroopkin (3 months ago)
A very good tourist attraction - the palace of Jacques Coeur - 15th century.
Margarita (5 months ago)
Pretty interior, and offers nice views of the city on the top floors! If you’re under 27 the entrance is free
Sasha (5 months ago)
Although I don't know much about architectural styles, I know about this palace that it fascinated me. The beauty of the facade of the inner courtyard simply takes your breath away. I went to visit it on a Thursday morning, I don't like it when it's crowded, I love to admire these beauties in peace. The price was €8. Although there is not much furniture in the palace rooms, it makes up for it with architectural details that are amazing. I couldn't wait to open the next door and be amazed by the beauty that surrounds me.
Taras Titarenko (8 months ago)
Absolute rude French service and administration. Small low paid attendants will decide that they can dictate when museum opens and closes. 17:15 closing time - is a lie. Please advertise orrectly. Closes when they decide to close. Violating the hours of visitation as they please. Shame. Probably they have somewhere more beautiful to go! :)
Marine Planté (2 years ago)
A beautiful monument to visit and discover through a one hour guided tour. The Palace is huge and only a part of this rich house can be visited. Sculptures, wooden cellars, impressive xvii century murals, ancient floors... The particularity of this place is that it results in a mix of a lot of architecture styles. It's a rare example of civilian 'gothique flamboyant' in France. Really worth to enter, even if the streetside wall is already very well decorated and remarkable for its original stone sculptures.
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