Fountain of the Rosello

Sassari, Italy

The Fountain of the Rosello is a fountain in Sassari, considered the symbol of the city. It is located at the end of the Rosello valley next to the ancient district of the city.

It was built among 1603 and 1606 by Genoese craftsmen on the site of a preexisting source along the valley. To bring the water from the Rosello to the houses was a team of 300 water carrier that filled their barrels that loaded on the pack saddle of their donkeys.

The fountain was also used by the housekeepers to make the laundry of garments and laundry.



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Corso Trinità, Sassari, Italy
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Founded: 1603-1606
Category: Miscellaneous historic sites in Italy

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Sophie Mourlan (2 years ago)
Very disappointed. The fountain is so beautiful but very hidden in Sassari. One can access in the morning only from Monday to Friday, from memory, and the former magnificent staircase leading to it is closed, covered with bushes, grass,undergrowth. We dis not walk towards the entre as closer. No value creation, no promotion of such a monument. It disappeared from everyone’s vue. Very sad.
peppe kukka (3 years ago)
In passing, I understand you often. Not only is it the sibule of the city, but it is also a monument of great cultural interest, aesthetically valuable. Sapid references to disputes between neighboring municipalities intertwine around it. And the public wash house, located next door, once assiduously frequented, was the place dedicated to the city's gossip; and it would be interesting to be able to be informed visitors. Today everything is abandoned, lush weeds multiply, a corner that appears forgotten. A shame, really, that no one has time to take care of the few maintenance works that could make the site usable, redeeming it from unjust oblivion!
pts pts (3 years ago)
Very very nice! Peaceful place
pts pts (3 years ago)
Very very nice! Peaceful place
Georges Younes (4 years ago)
The fountain is easy to miss because it's oddly placed on the outskirts of the old city at the bottom of a hill, hidden from plain view. Look for it and make the effort of going down that hill, even if you don't feel like doing it. You will be rewarded with details that you can't otherwise see.
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