San Sebastián Cathedral

San Sebastián, Spain

The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd is located in the city of San Sebastián. It is the seat of the suffragan Diocese of San Sebastián and subordinated to the Archdiocese of Pamplona y Tudela. The most remarkable religious building of San Sebastián, it is endowed with a strong verticality and is the largest in Gipuzkoa. Its construction took place in the last years of the 19th century in a Historicist Neo-Gothic style. The church, dedicated to the Good Shepherd, has held the rank of cathedral since 1953.

The foundation stone was laid by the Spanish Royal Family in 1888. After just nine years of work (including almost two in which work was suspended for lack of resources), the Church of the Good Shepherd was consecrated for worship on July 30, 1897.



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Founded: 1888-1897
Category: Religious sites in Spain

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Rodrigo (2 months ago)
Beautiful Cathedral inside and out. The art exposition inside was really cool too. There’s a free toilet open for public underneath the church. This place is for me a must-go for sightseers of San Sebastián.
Stuart McCleane (8 months ago)
Atmospheric neo gothic cathedral beautifully situated in a square in the heart of the old town. It has three naves and is in the shape of a Latin cross.
paterjo (14 months ago)
Beautiful cathedral in San Sebastián but currently under going a lot of outside construction work.
Jon Thwaites (15 months ago)
Beautiful, nicely nestled into a pretty part of San Sebastian, a few nice cafés around the perimeter. Once inside though it has that classic and familiar grand sense. The decorative pieces and statues are also amongst the better we have seen. Kept in great condition. If in the area I would recommend a visit although one complaint would be the memorial candles, no longer a traditional candle but an electronic/LED which looks tacky and lacks what's needed for such sentiment.
Eric Schmidt (16 months ago)
This Gothic cathedral is open for all public (no fee, not as the ones in Toledo) and serves masses in different languages, Euskadi and Spanish. Is beautifully decorated with painted glasses, and the pipe organ works and play!
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