Musée des Blindés

Saumur, France

The Musée des Blindés is a tank museum located in Saumur and one of the world's largest tank museums. The museum has the world's largest collection of armoured fighting vehicles and contains well over 880 vehicles, although the British Bovington Tank Museum has a larger number of tanks. Less than a quarter can be exhibited due to space limitations despite the move to a much larger building in 1993.

Over 200 of the vehicles are fully functional, in the past often performing in the annual cavalry show, the Carrousel. Saumur has been the traditional training centre for cavalry and holds the current Armoured Cavalry Branch Training School. The museum has its origins in the study collection. It's still a State institution, run by the Army. There is also a separate cavalry museum at Saumur.



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4.7/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Jon Payne (37 days ago)
Good value, lots of exhibits.
Robert Howard (43 days ago)
Thanks man ,lot of thanks, fantastic ??
Alexander Sant (44 days ago)
Over all a great tank museum and a go to when in the area. However it is losing a star due to limited information in English, but then again, it is a French museum. the other reason is that I noticed a couple of mistakes in some of the display cases of little model tanks and AFV. In one case it mixed up the labels for the Matilda infantry tank and the Bren gun carrier, and in another (this on was in the modern tanks section, just before the gift shop), which mixed up many tank labels. A few examples were the Centurion, M49 Bulldog and the Chieftain (I think). It has been a year or so since last visited so not sure on the current cases of the display cabinets. On the whole though, that was really the only drawback from this museum getting a full five stars.
Phil Mullan (2 months ago)
More tanks than you can through a very large stick at. Really well presented, plenty of room to look round all the exhibits in comfort. Interesting videos showing tanks in use during conflicts, well set out dioramas demonstrating life in trenches etc. Definitely worth a visit and only 10 euros entry.
Oli Banks (14 months ago)
A great tank museum. But more of a tank park, it just lacks something interactive.
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