Asklipio Castle

Asklipio, Greece

The castle of Asklipio (Asklepieion) was built in 1479 by Grand Master D'Aubusson at the site of an ancient lighthouse. In the Byzantine period, during the time of the Knights, the castle also offered the inhabitants of the surrounding villages protection against enemy attacks.

It had rectangular bulwarks and two massive towers. Its only gate leads to the south-east corner tower. Two construction stages can be distinguished. Inside the castle there are preserved ruins of buildings and two tanks. This is the place where a significant inscription dated 1473 and referring to the activity of Roman Catholic priests in the area comes from.

The castle is easily accessible, and a number of signs direct the visitors all over the route on the winding mountain. It is also easily seen from the valley below and the main road. If you are there by car, just follow the signs and make sure you park your vehicle in the designated parking area. 



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Asklipio, Greece
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Founded: 1479
Category: Castles and fortifications in Greece


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User Reviews

Jarrod Hunt (2 years ago)
Very interesting castle. Small site but still fun to explore. You can walk up on the ramparts and go inside one of the small buildings. Good views of the surrounding countryside aswell
Dewi (2 years ago)
Beautiful castle that really gave that game of thrones feeling. There was nobody there either, so it really had this authentic feel of an old abandoned castle. You can drive up right next to the castle. Well worth a visit!
Phil Didcote (2 years ago)
Just so unspoilt. Lovely Greek village with castle and village square. Quaint pretty and well worth a visit to see the wonderful views.
Richard Oram (2 years ago)
A fantastic place that few tourists visit. A short walk up the hill from the village - you can drive up the track, but that's cheating - the Castle perches on a rocky outcrop with views east to the coast. It is mainly the outer walls that survive but there is an impressive main gateway with machicolation over it for dropping unpleasant things on the heads of unwelcome visitors. If you're there in May, look out for the Arum Dranunculus flowers with their rotting meat fragrance.
Larah Oh (2 years ago)
Fantastic views! Glorious history and truly romantic ruins. The fascinating history the sights and the location on a high cliff overlooking the sea are outstanding
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