Iviron Monastery

Mount Athos, Greece

Monastery of Iviron is an Eastern Orthodox monastery in the monastic state of Mount Athos in northern Greece. The monastery was built under the supervision of two Georgian monks, John the Iberian and Tornike Eristavi between 980-983 and housed Georgian clergy and priests. Iviron literally means 'of the Iberians' in Greek. The name Iviron originated from the ancient Georgian Kingdom of Iberia (Iveria) where the master architect of the monastery Ioannes was from.

The monastery ranks third in the hierarchy of the Athonite monasteries. The monastery library contains 2,000 manuscripts, 15 liturgical scrolls, and 20,000 books in Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin.

The monastery has the relics of more canonized saints than any other on Mount Athos. The Panagia Portaitissa, a famous 9th century icon, is also located at Iviron.

The monastery has about 30 working monks and novices, none of whom are Georgian. However, there are forty or so Georgian hermits living in hermitages near the monastery.



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Mount Athos, Greece
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Founded: 980-983 AD
Category: Religious sites in Greece


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User Reviews

Gabriel Radu (7 months ago)
As usual.with blessings for a perfect.organization.and clean monastery even. there.are.reconstruction
Roman Adrian (9 months ago)
Large monastery, it has stately fortress walls around and a few towers. On the walls there are beautiful od paintings with religious scenes. Sadly the big church was closed when we visited but it also has a nice smaller church full of paintings and history. Near the entrance you can visit a pangar / store with lots of church items for sale. Near the monastery you can go to a small fishing port and a small spring / fresh water source that is said it is holly because it is near the sea (10 meters or so), bellow sea level, an is fresh, uncontaminated with salt from the sea.
James Constantine Stovell (13 months ago)
Out of this world, very nicely kept monastery but also one of the best in Agio Opos if you're a visiting pilgrim then this is a must,so much history and famous icons, situated on the sea front, find a monk to explain it all to you.
Valeri Petrunov (5 years ago)
The 3 biggest in Agion Oros or Mount Athos with impressive architecture and full of historical heritage. Some of the most beautiful and impressive icons of the Holly Mother...a must see
George Kontogouris (5 years ago)
The Monsatery of Iviron is located on the east side of the Peninsula just next to the sea. In the center of the Monastery lies the church founded in the 10th century. The Monastery is well known for the feast on the 15th of August – day of the dormition of the Virgin. There is a huge feast and many pilgrims visit the Monastery for the picture of Panaghia Portaitissa.
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