Kuckuckstein Castle

Liebstadt, Germany

Kuckuckstein Castle in Liebstadt in Saxony is located on a rocky outcrop above the Seidewitz river valley at a very favorable location for controlling the trade route from the Elbe valley via the Eastern Ore Mountains to Bohemia.

The castle was first mentioned in 1410 but it was probably built in the second half of the 13th century. It was destroyed during the Dohna feud (dispute between the burgraves of Dohna and the Meißen Margrave William I between 1385–1402). Reconstruction only began in 1453. The castle was built on the foundation walls of the old castle.

During the Thirty Years' War , like many German towns, Liebstadt was often raided by mercenaries. In 1643 the castle was stormed and looted by the Kaiserlich Hatzfeld mercenaries. During the possession of the von Birkholz (verifiable until 1741) the castle was extensively renovated in the Rococo style. In the following years the owners of the castle changed several times.

On September 9, 1813, Napoleon I stayed in the castle after watching the enemy retreat from the heights north of Liebstadt near Borna. His armed forces still had over 400,000 French who camped in and around the city.

Today the castle is in private ownership. Regular public access is therefore not possible. However, guided tours are possible by appointment, and it is also possible to enter the castle during the cultural events that occasionally take place here.



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Founded: 13th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Habsburg Dynasty (Germany)

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User Reviews

Анатолий Сергеев (2 years ago)
Unfortunately the castle is in a very poor condition.
Hild Chen (2 years ago)
The picturesque sight of the castle in the middle of the beautiful landscape is always fantastic. In the meantime, construction work to improve the structural condition seems to be underway. At least the roof has been fixed, it seems. The many hiking trails all around invite you to visit the place in any case!
Peter Ramm (3 years ago)
Were there for a well-organized wedding and are already looking forward to a planned tour. The owners have started the renovation work with a lot of love and commitment and if there is certainly still a lot to do, the castle is worth a visit!
Katha M. (3 years ago)
The castle is really beautiful and the hospitality on the day of the monument was great. I wish the owners good luck and perseverance. It was very cozy and well-kept. Parking spaces are not very far away. I will happily recommend the visit.
Tenshi Hara (3 years ago)
Interesting place. A club seeks to maintain and renovate the castle. Sadly, due to the volunteer work, tours are only offered then and now. We missed our chance, visiting two weeks after the last and two week before the next castle tour.
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