St. George's Church

Ják, Hungary

The parish church of Ják is the most complete Romanesque Church in Hungary. It was founded around 1220 and consecrated in honor of St. George in 1256. It was originally built as the church of a Benedictine monastery.

During the construction phase, the plans may have been changed several times, as shown by various irregularities. It has a troubled history: damaged by fire, storm, and the Ottoman army, it had to be restored several times.

Its most famous feature is the main entrance, which is recessed inward and has several sections, decorated with Norman motifs, and above which Jesus is depicted in the tympanum with angels and apostles. Opposite the main facade of the church, there is a small chapel. This is the Chapel of St. James, which in the Middle Ages was the church of Jac since the monastery church was not allowed to function as a parish church.

The rotunda has been built with 4 apses and 2 floors.



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Szabadnép utca 27, Ják, Hungary
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Founded: 1220
Category: Religious sites in Hungary


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User Reviews

Yeva (2 months ago)
We were told this is one of the oldest working churches in Dublin. Entrance to it was free. Here you can wander inside the church and also stroll in the garden. A wonderful place with a rich history. Friendly staff.
D S (4 months ago)
Such a treasure. One of my favorite experiences in Ireland was seeing this church and learning its history from the very friendly guide (free tour).
Lilo Zsolnay (4 months ago)
A lovely haven in the city. The staff was so knowledgeable, kind and helpful. It’s truly unique as the oldest church in Dublin. You can see the original medieval building under the larger later structure.
Helga Veneruso (9 months ago)
A beautiful experience, a church with an ancient history is wonderful. The staff is great and nice but in Ireland never wrong the people are great, the Italian guide Benedetta was spectacular illustrated the whole history of both the church and Dublin and Ireland in general. I got excited!! Thanks to all the staff. They say there is no two without three .. we will be back for the fourth time in our magical Ireland ☘️? thank you for the nice experience.
Viola Azzini (2 years ago)
It was a great experience to visit this place. We went with my cousin thanks to the Open House and the blond woman (sadly I don't know the name, but we went friday morning) that kindly guided us has involved us so much! Beautiful place and very good people that makes the experience excellent!
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