Kronenburg Castle

Dahlem, Germany

The ruins of the Kronenburg and the almost completely preserved Burgbering from the 13th century still leave their mark on the village today. In the 18th and 19th century the castle fell into disrepair. Of the main building only two semi-circular towers of the north gate and the ruins of the keep can be seen. The dimensions of the original grounds are recognizable from the the remains of the surrounding wall and of a semi-circular Bastion. There are also remains of the working quarters in the courtyard, situated further down.

Next to the Bergbering the well-preserved and restored half-timbered houses are worth visiting. The greatest attraction for sight-seers is the late-gothic parish church of St.John, with its interior. It was built around 1500, included in the wall surrounding the castle. As there is only one buttress in the middle to hold up the fine vault, it is called a single support church.



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Burgbering 1, Dahlem, Germany
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Founded: 13th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Hohenstaufen Dynasty (Germany)


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User Reviews

Mairead Frey (9 months ago)
Such a cute place. The room was clean and comfortable but I don't like carpet on hotel bedroom floors. There wasn't much space for 2 people in the double room, but I guess that is because this is an old building. Breakfast was good. The whole town is very pretty and worth a visit.
Hans Mulder (9 months ago)
Beautiful little village. Just not sure if there is something going on. Was there on a Friday around 18h00 and nobody to be seen. The restaurants were open.
Patrick de Vries (13 months ago)
View was great! Too bad not much of the burg itself is left, but nice to see some history is still there.
Adam Rogers (2 years ago)
I stumbled upon this gem of a Hamlet whilst wandering the countryside in search of the Belgian border. I arrived at 8 am, while everything was closed and there was no one in sight. Judging by the presence of several rather large parking lots, I suspect this place is a bit of a tourist destination, but now I sit amongst the silent streets, marveling at the ancient vibe. I hiked up to the ruins and threw myself into yesteryear, imagining myself flirting with a princess. Apparently, Kronenburg Castle was one of the characteristic medieval hill-castles of the Eifel built on the spur of a ridge in the Upper Kyll Valley. The self-contained impression of the castle ruin, outer bailey and fortified settlement and their adaptation to the topography make the special charm of this site. Kronenburg was first mentioned in a charter of the Abbey Stablo Malmedy in 1277. Today the locality is a touristic attraction in the Upper Kyll Valley.
P Rijnart (2 years ago)
Beautiful old castle ruine and small town at 500mtr above the lake. It dates from 13th century. You can do a nice walkaround and also see the old painting school.
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