Montsec American Monument

Montsec, France

The World War I Montsec American Monument is located on the isolated hill in Montsec. This majestic monument, commemorating the achievements of the American soldiers who fought in this region in 1917 and 1918, dominates the landscape for miles around. It commemorates reduction of the St. Mihiel Salient by the U.S. First Army, September 12-16, 1918, and operations of the U.S. Second Army, November 9-11. It also honors combat services of other U.S. divisions in this region and in Alsace and Lorraine. Names of nearby villages liberated by American troops are carved upon the outside frieze.

It consists of a classic circular colonnade with a broad approach stairway. Within its center is a bronze relief map of the St. Mihiel salient, illustrating the military operations that took place there. The monument was slightly damaged during World War II, but has been repaired. From this vantage point the trenches used during the fighting can be seen.

The World War I Montsec American Monument is located on the isolated hill of Montsec (Thiaucourt), France 12 miles southwest of St. Mihiel American Cemetery and 10 miles east of the town of St. Mihiel. The entrance to the memorial's access road is immediately west of the center of Montsec Village, France. The Montsec Monument, atop the Butte Montsec, is reached via Highways D 12 and D 119 to Montsec, then a road up the hill.



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Montsec, France
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Founded: 1932
Category: Statues in France

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User Reviews

Tommaso Mottironi (8 months ago)
Near the monument there are some paths in the forest, a nice and refreshing experience. The entrance is behind the access to the monument.
Payel Goswami (8 months ago)
Just love it. Well maintained, offering amazing views
lynn wright (9 months ago)
Beautiful monument with GREAT views!!!!!
Alexandre NIKOLIC (13 months ago)
Very clean and beautiful monument to honor with our memory. It's location makes it a good spot to observe surroundings.
Lillian Russell (2 years ago)
It's such a beautiful spot where in the past so many died for freedom. Very peaceful. Worth the drive to visit and pay your respects to so many who gave their life for a certain way of government.
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