Fortress of Herzog Stjepan Vukčić Kosača

Ljubuški, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Fortress of Herceg Stjepan in Ljubuški, is a medieval fortress in the western part of Herzegovina. It is also known as the Old Town Ljubuški. Yes, it has the same ‘owner’ as a more famous one in Blagaj. The fortress is located on the top of the karst hill called Buturovica, near the city of Ljubuški. It has a height of 396 meters above sea level and it is connected with the main road by a new macadam path. That makes this fortress very reachable for all the visitors that are coming to Herzegovina and Croatia too.

Besides that, in this area, there are some beautiful natural waterfalls like Kravica, Koćuša and other natural treasures. Međugorje, the destination for Catholic pilgrims, and many good traditional restaurants as well. Therefore, all of the mentioned makes this area ideal for one-day excursions which Hit Booker can organize for you.

Historians are guessing that the fortress is built in the middle of 15th century. The name of the fortress is connected with the Herzog Stjepan Vukčić Kosača. He was a member of Kosača noble family, and also was one of the most powerful men of that time. The fortress was one of his residences, and it was built after disputes with his two sons. One of them, Vladislav, took the side of Dubrovnik Republic, and Herceg Stjepan moved to a fortress in Ljubuški. Vladislav then tried to take over the fortress but failed to do it.

Shortly after it was built, the Ottoman army occupied this fortress and it has become their border with Croatia. It was abandoned in 1835. Today you can find two parts of this fortress, and the main one is the medieval part located in the center of the fortress. There you can find some beautiful old constructions, while around the fortress there is an Ottoman part of it.



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Founded: 15th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Luka Milicevic (2 years ago)
Such a beautiful place to be with anybody Nice view,comfortable soft is always on hot days. Caffe is near the fortress with available parking places
Arthur Krzycki (2 years ago)
Great views from out-of-the-way fortress with relatively easy access by car and a short walk. You won't add to your step count, but it's not a death march either.
Alisa B (3 years ago)
What a great story behind this place! Cant wait for it to be restored in full. Dont forget to add it on your check list!
Žan (3 years ago)
Castle ruins with amazing views over the surrounding area, Ljubuški, valley. Castle is now under restoration but it can be visited. Parking is next to the castle.
Leon Tomić (3 years ago)
That is an old fortres from 1500.
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