Auchans Castle Ruins

Kilmarnock, United Kingdom

Auchans Castle is a mock military mansion, Category A listed, T-plan building of a late 16th-century date converted to the L-plan during the early-to-mid-17th century; its ruins stand about 1 km of Dundonald, South Ayrshire. It was held at various times by the Wallace, Cochrane and Montgomerie families.

The now greatly ruined castle stands in its woodland policies amidst a series of stone-walled parks, the walls of which are mainly in a state of collapse. The building and the park walls were in the main constructed using stone robbed from Dundonald Castle. A vast number of valuable Eglinton family papers were discovered in one of the apartments in the 1880s, rescued as the building was in a terminal state of decay. Many had already been destroyed through neglect.


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Founded: 16th century
Category: Miscellaneous historic sites in United Kingdom

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