Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Glasgow Cathedral is the oldest cathedral on mainland Scotland and is the oldest building in Glasgow. The history of the cathedral is linked with that of the city, and is allegedly located where the patron saint of Glasgow, Saint Mungo, built his church. The tomb of the saint is in the lower crypt. Walter Scott's novel Rob Roy gives an account of the kirk.

Built before the Reformation from the late 12th century onwards and serving as the seat of the Bishop and later the Archbishop of Glasgow, the building is a superb example of Scottish Gothic architecture. It is also one of the few Scottish medieval churches (and the only medieval cathedral on the Scottish mainland) to have survived the Reformation not unroofed.

James IV ratified the treaty of Perpetual Peace with England at the high altar on 10 December 1502. The cathedral and the nearby castle played a part in the battles of Glasgow in 1544 and 1560. Twenty years after the Reformation, on 22 April 1581 James VI granted the income from a number of lands to Glasgow town for the kirk's upkeep. He traced the ownership of these lands to money left by Archbishop Gavin Dunbar as a legacy for repairing the cathedral. The town council agreed on 27 February 1583 to take responsibility for repairing the kirk, while recording they had no obligation to do so. The church survives because of this resolution. Inside, the rood screen is also a very rare survivor in Scottish churches.



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Founded: 1136
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User Reviews

Danielle Ward (14 months ago)
Free, but book your tickets in advance due to indoor rules. An absolutely GORGEOUS cathedral with incredible stained glass windows. A must see.
Beata Rzemek Siekierska (15 months ago)
I will say just big Woooooooow You just NEED TO GO THERE YOU NOT GOING TO BE DISAPPOINTED. I went there with son 10 and daughter 11 , they are enjoying a lot. Superb superb superb
Arvind Minocha (16 months ago)
Very beautiful, calm, and peaceful Cathedral Church with a beautiful Necropolis on a nearby lush green hill. The Church congregation and staff are also very pleasant and humble. The Church has beautiful gothic architecture and fascinating memorials dating back centuries. It’s said to be the oldest building and church in Glasgow, that was built around the 12th Century. Definitely worth a visit. ??‍♂️?‍♀️???✨?????????☸✡✝️☪️
John Martin (16 months ago)
Enjoyed visit. Easy to book on line. Lovely building with plenty of information and interesting plaques. Staff helpful and friendly.
Tamika Green (16 months ago)
All I can say is I wish it was opened! A beautiful building from the outside. Great view from the graveyard across the bridge
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